CML Exploration, LLC Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By CML Exploration, LLC
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AUSTIN, TX 78746

(512) 328-8085

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Leases Operated by CML Exploration, LLC

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-14695 CANNAN Dimmit County
01-14742 THOMPSON Zavala County
01-16233 DYESS Zavala County
01-17276 PICKWILL Zavala County
01-17789 JESSICA Zavala County
01-18034 CAROLPICK Zavala County
01-18081 PFEIFFER Zavala County
01-18382 DALE Zavala County
01-18525 CENIZO Zavala County
01-18585 RICHARD Zavala County
01-18651 BLACKMON Zavala County
01-18682 PC Zavala County
01-18710 BARRIER Dimmit County
01-18755 PRESTON Zavala County
01-18869 VERMILLION Dimmit County
01-18875 KIRBY Zavala County
01-18965 CHAD Zavala County
01-19013 PECAN GROVE Zavala County
01-19021 GAIL Zavala County
01-19134 CAROLYN Zavala County
01-19135 LANDER Zavala County
01-19362 BEELER RANCH Zavala County
01-19390 WHITTINGTON Zavala County
01-19402 KILEY Zavala County
01-19427 KLEIMANN Zavala County
01-19434 PALM Zavala County
01-19481 PICKENS-WEAVER Zavala County
01-19529 J. BEELER Zavala County
03-069676 MOORE, J. M. ET AL Fort Bend County
03-07404 MOORE, J. M. ET AL Fort Bend County
03-15636 MOORE Fort Bend County
03-23884 MOSLEY Brazos County
03-23975 CARROLL UNIT Brazos County
03-24151 WARREN Brazos County
03-24419 FEATHER CREST FARMS Brazos County
03-24560 KNOTTS-YEAGER UNIT Grimes County
03-24968 HERBICH Madison County
03-24985 HERBICH UNIT Madison County
03-25187 KENNEDY Madison County
03-25218 JAM Madison County
03-25256 CK Madison County
03-25266 BENGE UNIT Madison County
03-25319 WHITE-SPRINGER Grimes County
03-25471 MT UNIT Madison County
03-25502 NEVILL Grimes County
03-25565 FLOYD Madison County
03-25646 BRADSHAW Madison County
03-25653 BEAL Grimes County
03-25697 R.B. CLARY Grimes County
03-25716 WILLIAM Grimes County
03-25737 ISBELL Grimes County
03-25805 WILLIE Grimes County
03-25871 HARRISON Madison County
03-25897 RUEN Grimes County
03-25957 KAGG Grimes County
03-25977 DRAKE Madison County
03-26073 JOYCE Grimes County
03-26166 WEBB Grimes County
03-26184 PETERS Brazos County
03-26253 SUTTON Grimes County
03-26370 PETERS UNIT Brazos County
03-26515 WS Grimes County
03-26534 FLORA Grimes County
03-26694 POST OAK Grimes County
03-26695 HAYES Grimes County
03-26943 DELLA Grimes County
03-269494 PRATKA Wharton County
05-03547 SANDIFER UNIT Robertson County
05-04280 OWEN Burleson County
08-35487 HALEY, J. A. "43" Loving County
08-37561 BLAIR - TXL Crane County
8A-18764 DAVIS Garza County
8A-63886 EVERETT UNIT Scurry County
8A-67866 BROTHERS HORIZON Garza County
8A-68115 KIM Garza County
8A-68117 JOHN UNIT WATERFLOOD Garza County
8A-68123 SLAUGHTER "B" Garza County
8A-69450 BRUMLEY Scurry County
8A-69797 BULLARD Scurry County

Drilling Permits Filed by CML Exploration, LLC