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Leases Operated by COG Operating LLC

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
08-37798 JOHNSON, TED Martin County
08-38014 CROSS BAR RANCH Andrews County
08-38431 JOHNSON RANCH Martin County
08-38792 MABEE 139 Andrews County
08-38829 PARKS BELL Ector County
08-39493 MABEE 240C Andrews County
08-39630 PARKS FIELD UNIT 2 Midland County
08-40136 RATLIFF A Ector County
08-40493 MABEE 239 Martin County
08-44043 BIG CHIEF Reeves County
08-45515 KEYSTONE Midland County
08-46257 TYCOON D Reeves County
08-46389 RUDD DRAW 26-3 Loving County
08-46624 SAM BIRD 6-3 Reeves County
08-46641 UNCOMPAGHRE STATE UNIT Reeves County
08-46941 RUDD DRAW 29-3 Loving County
08-46971 LUDEMAN D Loving County
08-46986 ISBELL HORIZONTAL UNIT Midland County
08-47012 TYCOON E Reeves County
08-47455 WOODY 4 Glasscock County
08-47574 RUDD DRAW 26-2 Loving County
08-47633 CALVERLEY 9-4 Glasscock County
08-47772 LUDEMAN G Loving County
08-48019 BRUNSON D Loving County
08-48102 SPANISH TRAIL 47 HZ UNIT Midland County
08-48103 SPANISH TRAIL 48 HZ UNIT Midland County
08-48223 BRUNSON Loving County
08-48283 SCREAMING EAGLE UNIT Reeves County
08-48371 SURE SHOT Reeves County
08-48430 TYCOON G UNIT Reeves County
08-48498 MASK HZ UNIT Midland County
08-48571 WOODY 3-46 Glasscock County
08-48682 RUDD DRAW 26-21 Loving County
08-48738 JOHNNY RYALL UNIT Reeves County
08-48927 CROCKETT REESE STATE UNIT B Loving County
08-49091 WHATCHA WANT UNIT Ward County
08-49092 CALVERLEY 22-27 Glasscock County
08-49132 SPANISH TRAIL 3-10 HZ UNIT Midland County
08-49215 LUDEMAN I WC Loving County
08-49307 ICEMAN UNIT Reeves County
08-49376 MCC HZ UNIT Midland County
08-49444 BRASS MONKEY STATE UNIT Reeves County
08-49497 THE SPHINX Reeves County
08-49857 CALVERLEY 37-36 Glasscock County
08-49956 PRAIRIE FLOWER UNIT Reeves County
08-50184 WHITE CROW UNIT Reeves County
08-50476 RATLIFF K UNIT Ector County
08-50825 HOLLYWOOD UNIT Reeves County
08-51087 BRUNSON F Loving County
08-51543 RISING SUN UNIT Reeves County
08-51640 REVOLVER 7507 E Loving County
08-51699 JACK STATE A UNIT Reeves County
08-51732 WHATCHA WANT A Ward County
08-51774 MABEE 240A 4207BH Andrews County
08-51783 FUNKY BOSS B Ward County
08-51785 LITTLETON UNIT Reeves County
08-51816 REVOLVER C UNIT Loving County
08-51873 JACK STATE B UNIT Reeves County
08-51879 PARADOX UNIT Reeves County
08-51948 SPANISH TRAIL HZ UNIT Midland County
08-52045 MARION V. BENGE ESTATE A17 Midland County
08-52053 WHATCHA WANT B Ward County
08-52069 MARION V. BENGE ESTATE A12 Midland County
08-52096 MARION V. BENGE ESTATE A1 Midland County
08-52134 MARION V. BENGE ESTATE A2 Midland County
08-52158 MARION V. BENGE ESTATE A9 Midland County
08-52161 MARION V. BENGE ESTATE A16 Midland County
08-52163 MARION V. BENGE ESTATE A13 Midland County
08-52218 MARION V. BENGE ESTATE A4 Midland County
08-52219 MARION V. BENGE ESTATE A8 Midland County
08-52233 MARION V. BENGE ESTATE A5 Midland County
08-52250 MARION V. BENGE ESTATE A3 Midland County
08-52314 MARION V. BENGE ESTATE A10 Midland County
08-52340 MULLIGAN UNIT Winkler County
7C-17147 PEGASUS SPRABERRY UNIT Midland County
7C-17154 PEGASUS FIELD UNIT 3 Midland County
7C-17547 WINDHAM "A" Midland County
7C-19696 NEAL RANCH 42B UNIT Upton County
7C-19981 NEAL RANCH 57 UNIT Upton County
7C-20214 EMMA LOU UNIT Upton County

Drilling Permits Filed by COG Operating LLC