Concho Resources Inc. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Concho Resources Inc.
Map of Wells Operated by Concho Resources Inc.
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Leases Operated by Concho Resources Inc.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-196272 BUNGER "30" Val Verde County
08-06387 MEADORS Glasscock County
08-06392 CALVERLEY, J. B. -A- Glasscock County
08-06399 TXL -A- Glasscock County
08-06401 TXL -AB- Glasscock County
08-06404 WRAGE-HENDRICKSON "8" Glasscock County
08-08424 LANE, W. H. -B- Glasscock County
08-08826 LANE, W. H. "40A" Glasscock County
08-08908 WRAGE-HENDRICKSON -B- Glasscock County
08-09904 HUEGLER, IVY "33" Glasscock County
08-136414 LEFEVRE UNIT Glasscock County
08-14936 STATE OF TEXAS -DQ- Crane County
08-15569 HARRIS, B. A. Glasscock County
08-15650 STATE OF TEXAS -EF- Crane County
08-15750 STATE OF TEXAS -EN- Crane County
08-177478 BOOKS, EDITH Glasscock County
08-181731 BAILEY Glasscock County
08-20211 MCDANIEL -B- Glasscock County
08-20269 BOONE, K. S. Glasscock County
08-21071 COFFEE, R. B. Midland County
08-21301 WRAGE-HENDRICKSON-C- Glasscock County
08-22603 MCMURRY Martin County
08-22868 CARLILE Martin County
08-23010 CRIM Martin County
08-23148 STEPHENS -C- Martin County
08-23381 PSL -24-2- Andrews County
08-24908 ROSALIE TOM "6" Martin County
08-25016 DICKENSON Martin County
08-25089 STIMSON Martin County
08-25326 EPLEY -31- Martin County
08-25936 WAINWRIGHT Martin County
08-28427 HALFMANN 4 Glasscock County
08-28803 HANSON UNIT Glasscock County
08-29448 HEIDELBERG "45" Glasscock County
08-29538 PETERS, I.G. EST. Martin County
08-29593 GLASS, GEORGE W. "21" Martin County
08-29736 GEORGE W. GLASS -24- Martin County
08-29780 NAIL -33- Martin County
08-29885 TEXACO -41A- Martin County
08-31719 FLEMING -A- Martin County
08-32080 DEVENTER Glasscock County
08-32992 O'DANIEL Midland County
08-33259 BOOKS, E. C. Glasscock County
08-34611 GLASS 32 -H- Crane County
08-34756 COX, C. J. -A- Glasscock County
08-35068 GLASS "32-A" Crane County
08-36117 RHODES, MYRTLE "A" Martin County
08-36123 HIRT, E. E. Glasscock County
08-36421 CRANE 11 Ector County
08-36443 BOOKS, E. C. Glasscock County
10-03569 MILLS, R. D., -A- Roberts County
7B-22125 BOWMAR, JEWEL Mitchell County
7C-02369 MASTERSON, T. R. B. Reagan County
7C-04371 GARNER "2" Upton County
7C-04554 STOUT, S. E. -B- Reagan County
7C-04710 CHRIESMAN Reagan County
7C-05003 WINDHAM -C- Upton County
7C-070569 WHITEHEAD 2 Sutton County
7C-08792 UNIVERSITY 58-18D Reagan County
7C-09010 UNIVERSITY 2-35A Reagan County
7C-09202 UNIVERSITY 2-36B Reagan County
7C-09522 TAYLOR Schleicher County
7C-096539 PAGE RANCH "5" Schleicher County
7C-09775 UNIVERSITY 1-26 Reagan County
7C-11389 WINDHAM "4H" Upton County
7C-11776 BARRETT "19" Upton County
7C-11803 POWELL "85" Upton County
7C-12811 NEAL, H. F. "25" Upton County
7C-13545 ALDWELL "C" Reagan County
7C-136278 JEFFERS 28A Schleicher County
7C-161092 WHITEHEAD Sutton County
7C-162694 WHITEHEAD 2 Sutton County
7C-163844 JEFFERS 28 Schleicher County
7C-176174 WHITEHEAD 2 Sutton County
7C-199042 JOHNSON Crockett County
8A-62484 RUSHING, PEARL Terry County
8A-64561 MATHIS Dawson County
8A-64577 COPE "83" Dawson County
8A-67645 WEST BROADVIEW UNIT Lubbock County

Drilling Permits Filed by Concho Resources Inc.