Conocophillips Company Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Conocophillips Company
Map of Wells Operated by Conocophillips Company
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(281) 206-5363

Leases Operated by Conocophillips Company

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-02082 CHITTIM, N. J. Maverick County
03-00652 OLD Brazoria County
03-118957 AYLOR "A" Fort Bend County
04-02375 GARCIA, M. M. -B- Starr County
04-179304 MCASKILL Zapata County
04-190229 B.M.T. Webb County
04-206931 LOPEZ, LAURO Zapata County
04-258371 VILLARREAL Zapata County
08-01269 EMBAR -B- Andrews County
08-01270 UNIVERSITY ANDREWS Andrews County
08-01634 MINNIE -B- Andrews County
08-02123 BUM -A- Andrews County
08-047916 FORTSON -A- Pecos County
08-054097 ELLYSON, F. J. Pecos County
08-17015 BITLER Andrews County
08-19297 SOUTH COWDEN UNIT Ector County
08-20149 BLOCK 11 DEVONIAN UNIT Andrews County
08-21193 GOLDSMITH ANDECTOR UNIT Andrews County
08-21556 NORTH PENWELL UNIT Ector County
08-273852 HOLD EM WC Culberson County
08-273995 HARRIER WC Culberson County
08-275084 BLACKJACK WC Culberson County
08-275869 ROULETTE WC Reeves County
08-276252 DALTEX MUNN UNIT 43-6 Culberson County
08-276628 DUST DEVIL WC Culberson County
08-276629 DALTEX MUNN 42-43 Culberson County
08-276693 EL JEFE WC Reeves County
08-276716 BRONCO WC Culberson County
08-276751 SMITHER STATE 1 Reeves County
08-276933 EL JEFE WC Reeves County
08-277129 OATMAN UNIT 33-28 Culberson County
08-277142 DALTEX MUNN UNIT 44-5 Culberson County
08-277198 EL JEFE WC Reeves County
08-277526 FRANCHISE WC UNIT Reeves County
08-277590 BLUE LACY BS Culberson County
08-27818 SOUTH FAULT BLOCK UNIT Ector County
08-278768 HARRIER WC Culberson County
08-278906 BLUE MARLIN STATE WC Culberson County
08-279051 TEXAS TWO STEP WC Culberson County
08-279158 BLUE HERON WC Culberson County
08-279180 GREAT WHITE WC Culberson County
08-279183 OATMAN UNIT 33-40 Culberson County
08-279202 TEXAS TWO STEP WC Culberson County
08-279272 TEXAS WC Culberson County
08-279273 TEXAS WC Culberson County
08-279303 TEXAS TWO STEP WC Culberson County
08-279856 DRAKE WC Culberson County
08-36889 FRANK -B- Ector County
08-37642 UNIVERSITY UA Andrews County
08-38628 COWDEN, CLYDE Ector County
08-39777 DRONE BEE Andrews County
08-39800 WORKERBEE C Ector County
08-41211 CHALK, G.O.-B- Howard County
08-41213 CHALK, G. O. -C- Howard County
08-41216 CHALK, G. O. -D- Howard County
08-41220 CHALK, G. O.-G- Howard County
08-41221 CHALK,MARY Howard County
08-41222 OWEN-CHALK Howard County
08-41223 CHALK, SLOAN Howard County
08-41234 DOUTHIT-B 1 Howard County
08-41235 EASON, S. T. Howard County
08-41242 HYMAN, SARAH Howard County
08-41245 OVERTON, B. Howard County
08-41250 SETTLES, W. R. Glasscock County
08-41251 SETTLES, W. R. -A- Howard County
08-41261 ROBERTS, DORA Howard County
08-42806 KLINK UNIT Ector County
08-43547 CARTER Ector County
08-44291 HOGAN Ector County
08-44414 EDWARDS -E- Ector County
08-44961 GILBREATH MIH Glasscock County
08-46119 FRANK -B- Ector County
08-46182 EMBAR Ector County
08-46261 EMBAR Ector County
08-46557 ALL IN BS Reeves County
08-46887 FRANK A Ector County
08-47399 LIMPIA Ector County
08-48686 COLE Ector County
7C-17807 UNIVKEISHA Crockett County
8A-61062 WEST JO-MILL UNIT Borden County

Drilling Permits Filed by Conocophillips Company