Continental Oil Company Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Continental Oil Company
Map of Wells Operated by Continental Oil Company
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Leases Operated by Continental Oil Company

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
02-044020 WOOD, ALDA S. Goliad County
02-044527 KIRBY-GOHLKE GAS UNIT Victoria County
02-044846 KIRBY GOHLKE GAS UNIT Victoria County
02-046384 WOOD, ALDA S. DeWitt County
02-048977 KIRBY GOHLKE GAS UNIT Victoria County
02-059656 PETTUS UNIT Goliad County
02-059660 PETTUS UNIT Goliad County
02-063384 JENKINS, MARGURITE D. Jackson County
02-064378 MCAFEE, DOROTHY A. D. Jackson County
02-064489 MCAFEE, DOROTHY A. D. Jackson County
02-064958 ROBINSON, VELMA Jackson County
03-041151 TRACT 20 FEE Chambers County
03-05119 PERRY HEIRS
03-08579 BECKWITH, D. W. Waller County
03-08601 WARE, S. H. Harris County
04-00384 DALLAS J. S. L. B., -A- Starr County
04-009438 DAVENPORT, O. H., MRS., 279 Starr County
04-009550 GARCIA, M. M., -I- Starr County
04-009704 CAMERON, W. I. Starr County
04-009706 CAMERON UNIT NO. 1 Starr County
04-009709 CAMERON, W. I., -A- Starr County
04-010008 DRISCOLL, ROBERT Duval County
04-02334 DAVENPORT, F. D. -A- Starr County
04-02343 SLICK, T. B. -D- EST. Starr County
04-02378 SLICK, T. B. ESTATE -C- Starr County
04-036533 SLICK, T. B., EST. B Starr County
04-052797 DRISCOLL, ROBERT Duval County
04-052808 CAMERON, W. I. Starr County
04-053042 DALLAS J. S. L. B. -A- Starr County
04-053567 TREVINO, E. Starr County
04-054248 DRISCOLL, ROBERT Duval County
04-054272 ST. CHARLES COMPANY Aransas County
04-054512 SLICK, T. B. EST. -B- Starr County
04-056071 FRIO G UNIT -B- Starr County
04-056867 SLICK,T.B.EST.-A- Starr County
04-057973 DRISCOLL, ROBERT Duval County
06-00351 MABERRY, ALBERT, ESTATE Wood County
06-016036 SATTER, GEORGE, ESTATE Harrison County
06-016064 SATTER, GEORGE W. EST. Harrison County
06-016497 ROYALL NATIONAL BANK -A- Anderson County
06-016750 NELMS, H. M. ET AL -A- Anderson County
06-01756 HUDSON H.R. Anderson County
06-029616 PANOLA LAND & DEVELOPMENT Panola County
06-029731 PANOLA LAND & DEVELOPMENT Panola County
06-030002 THORNTON, THOS. EST. G U Rusk County
06-05706 YANAWAY, HUNTER MARIE Anderson County
08-14324 RAMSEY, G.E., JR. "7" Reeves County
08-14862 COWDEN, E. W. -27- Winkler County
08-15130 BENNETT, R. D., ETAL Andrews County
08-17646 KEITH, J. L. -A- Andrews County
08-18062 KLOH B-17 Ector County
08-18097 CHALK, G. O. -F- Howard County
08-19924 KLOH B-41 Ector County
08-20420 CONNELL, W. E., EST. -13- Ector County
08-20761 MCDOWELL, L.S. -C- Glasscock County
08-21098 PARKER, J. E., ESTATE Andrews County
08-21734 FOSTER, H. S. -A- Ector County
7B-01932 MERRY BROTHERS & PERINI, ETAL Fisher County
7B-01933 POE, G. A. ETAL Fisher County
7B-01934 SOHIO COATES, ETAL Fisher County
7B-01936 TERRELL, J. B. Fisher County
7B-01937 TERRELL, J. B. -A- Fisher County
7B-01938 WILSON, LUCIE MAE ETAL Fisher County
7B-02223 HOLT, ASA Jones County
7B-04290 ANNIS, A. A. Stonewall County
7B-04292 FLOWERS, H. G. Stonewall County
8A-07705 WASSON -48- Gaines County
8A-10907 WASSON -53- Gaines County
8A-12300 WASSON, A L "50" Gaines County
8A-13015 WASSON -50-A Gaines County
8A-13034 WASSON -50-A Gaines County
8A-13047 WASSON -51- Gaines County
8A-13190 BLAKE, R. S. Garza County
8A-13541 MOORE, W. M., -45- Gaines County
8A-14057 LANGDON, G. M. -44- Gaines County
8A-16163 ADAMS, PAUL Dawson County
8A-60974 HOWARD, T. L. JR. Dawson County
8A-60990 MOORE, W. H. Dawson County

Drilling Permits Filed by Continental Oil Company