Convest Energy Corporation Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Convest Energy Corporation
Map of Wells Operated by Convest Energy Corporation
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Leases Operated by Convest Energy Corporation

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-05602 DEVINE NUTS, INC. La Salle County
01-072912 GARNER, JOHN NANCE Zavala County
01-073991 DICKSON, R.D. Frio County
01-076403 GARNER, JOHN N. Zavala County
02-05122 CLEMENS, E.W. ET AL Jackson County
02-081901 STATE TRACT 17 Calhoun County
02-083086 STATE TRACT 10 Calhoun County
02-084029 STATE TRACT 9 Calhoun County
02-084406 STATE TRACT 9 Calhoun County
02-085768 STATE TRACT 16 Calhoun County
02-091266 MERNITZ-MUNDT Victoria County
03-01714 HANKAMER, EARL C. ETAL -A- Newton County
03-01715 HARTBURG LBR. CO. Newton County
03-058722 SCHROEDER, LEONARD Austin County
03-070110 AMMANN, HOMER Colorado County
03-074160 AMMANN, HOMER Colorado County
03-07783 HANKAMER, E. C., ETAL Newton County
03-078064 HUEBNER, M. D. Matagorda County
03-079276 STATE TRACT 194 Matagorda County
03-085538 MASAR UNIT Austin County
03-086114 MASAR UNIT Austin County
03-090257 HUEBNER,M.D. Matagorda County
03-093302 STATE TRACT 173 Matagorda County
03-094203 HEFFELFINGER, NANCY Matagorda County
03-11290 HUEBNER, M. D. Matagorda County
03-11472 SARTWELLE, J. D. Matagorda County
03-11806 HARRISON, SAM B. Grimes County
03-131749 DAVIS, JAMES ESTATE Galveston County
03-13638 HANKAMER Newton County
03-152848 HANKAMER Newton County
03-162730 HANKAMER Newton County
03-17049 HANKAMER Newton County
03-20279 WATSON, JENNIE Newton County
03-21224 HANKAMER, E. C. ET AL 'A' Newton County
03-21298 MOODY NATIONAL BANK Galveston County
03-21769 ALEXANDER, THOS. P. ETAL Galveston County
03-22072 GREYHOUND TRUST UNIT Galveston County
03-22287 THOS. ALEXANDER UNIT Galveston County
04-04325 LA GUNA MADRE STATE TRACT #180 Kleberg County
04-075603 RHODES - DARLING Willacy County
04-079259 GERTZ-DARLING UNIT Willacy County
04-080488 RHODES-DARLING Willacy County
04-082853 PETROLEUM COMPANY Willacy County
04-086458 RED FISH BAY PROPERTIES, LTD Nueces County
04-086723 FLOYD, MURRAY ET UX Willacy County
04-087267 RHODES-DARLING UNIT Willacy County
04-087794 GARZA, C. Brooks County
04-095707 STATE TRACT 82 Aransas County
04-100016 STATE TRACT 82 Aransas County
04-106463 STATE TRACT 82 Aransas County
04-10732 PETROLEUM COMPANY Willacy County
04-11137 STATE TRACT 82 Aransas County
06-096109 CHERRY, F. G. GAS UNIT Rusk County
10-028340 HOLT, EVA Hansford County
10-04198 SHRADER Ochiltree County
10-069439 JINES Ochiltree County
7C-085618 HOOVER ESTATE "A" Crockett County
8A-60540 SEARS, CECIL Scurry County
8A-63696 HALDEAN CAVE ET AL Kent County
8A-64999 WILLIAMS, WAYNE ET AL Kent County

Drilling Permits Filed by Convest Energy Corporation