Cox, Edwin L. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Cox, Edwin L.
Map of Wells Operated by Cox, Edwin L.
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DALLAS, TX 75202

Leases Operated by Cox, Edwin L.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-04603 SARTAIN Frio County
02-004394 ROSE-SAMPLE Jackson County
02-031810 WESTHOFF, A. E. Jackson County
02-043982 MENEFEE, E. Jackson County
02-048569 MENEFEE Jackson County
02-05304 WELDER-CLIBURN Calhoun County
02-05424 MENEFEE Jackson County
02-054881 MENEFEE, E. Jackson County
02-061512 GORDIN ESTATE Jackson County
02-061826 HUEGLER CLARENCE E. ET AL Bee County
02-065080 HELLER, H Victoria County
02-067474 SCOTT -B- Karnes County
02-068046 GUMM, JACK Goliad County
02-068285 TINDOL Live Oak County
02-074255 GUMM, JACK Goliad County
02-084737 BUEHRIG DeWitt County
03-062261 FARMERS, J. R. EST. Fort Bend County
03-073689 KING, CRESTON Galveston County
03-084342 HALL'S BAYOU RANCH "B" Galveston County
03-086054 KING, CRESTON Galveston County
03-105832 HALLS-BAYOU RANCH Galveston County
03-15615 CRESTON KING Galveston County
04-009731 MCMANUS, J. S. UNIT Hidalgo County
04-060378 LONDON San Patricio County
04-060380 STARK San Patricio County
04-060747 BENAVIDES,ROSA VELA Webb County
04-060748 MAYO San Patricio County
04-062564 PORTLAND GAS UNIT -C- San Patricio County
04-062935 MARMION, JAMES R. San Patricio County
04-064205 STARK San Patricio County
04-064589 ARMENDAIZ Willacy County
04-066796 CAGE Brooks County
04-067397 CHAPMAN Nueces County
04-067455 MARRIOTT San Patricio County
04-068322 CHAPMAN Nueces County
04-068418 MEYERHOFF Hidalgo County
04-068795 LONDON San Patricio County
04-070653 JACKSON Hidalgo County
04-070939 ARMENDIAZ Willacy County
04-072828 WESLING Hidalgo County
04-072829 WESSLING Hidalgo County
04-072942 MEYERHOFF Hidalgo County
04-073050 LOPEZ, Z. Webb County
04-073051 LOPEZ, Z Webb County
04-07422 PEREZ, AMADO ET AL Webb County
04-074679 WALKER -B- Nueces County
04-075485 PERKIN Hidalgo County
04-07625 FOWLER San Patricio County
04-076522 MARRIOT GAS UNIT San Patricio County
04-076656 LOPEZ,Z Duval County
04-076767 MARRIOTT GAS UNIT San Patricio County
04-079268 PERKINS Hidalgo County
04-079895 MATHIS, L. C. San Patricio County
04-081571 MEYERHOFF Hidalgo County
04-081973 CALDWELL, N. Nueces County
04-08250 DOUGHERTY -B- Duval County
04-083177 STATE TRACT #240 Aransas County
04-08364 SCOTT Brooks County
04-08441 CHAPMAN Nueces County
04-08495 JAMES, R. MARMION San Patricio County
04-08496 MARMION, JAMES R. San Patricio County
04-08501 BELL "B" Hidalgo County
04-08526 SUTHERLAND -A- Duval County
04-08566 BELL Hidalgo County
04-086029 SANTA CRUZ FARMS Hidalgo County
04-08610 MCCULLOUGH Nueces County
04-08980 PERKIN Hidalgo County
04-09017 MARRIOTT San Patricio County
04-091761 MARRIOTT GAS UNIT San Patricio County
04-092327 MARRIOTT G. U. San Patricio County
04-09386 ANDERSON San Patricio County
04-09396 WALKER -B- Nueces County
04-094613 MARRIOTT G. U. San Patricio County
04-09780 BELL -B- Hidalgo County
04-10604 WALKER, R. H. Nueces County
04-111196 CHAPMAN RANCH Nueces County
04-113988 WALKER "A" Nueces County
09-17150 LAWRENCE Grayson County
10-070070 PAINE Lipscomb County
10-076095 CAMPBELL Hemphill County

Drilling Permits Filed by Cox, Edwin L.