Craig, Carl Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Craig, Carl
Map of Wells Operated by Craig, Carl
Contact Information
Company Name:

P O BOX 515
OLNEY, TX 76374

Leases Operated by Craig, Carl

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
06-210607 AHERN, MARY O. Cass County
06-213447 AHERN, MARY O. Cass County
09-00286 ARNOLD, C. S. Archer County
09-00287 GREEN, MARY Archer County
09-00438 GREEN, F. C. -K- Archer County
09-00583 CONTINENTAL FALLS CO. -A B & C- Archer County
09-00584 FALLS COUNTY Archer County
09-00586 FALLS CO. SCRANTON-BOYLES Archer County
09-00808 MORRISON Archer County
09-00887 WILSON, COOPER Archer County
09-00893 MILLER, J. Archer County
09-00894 WILSON, L. F., ESTATE -D- Archer County
09-07149 CAMPBELL -B- Young County
09-07404 CAMPBELL, R. Young County
09-07420 BENSON SMJ "A" Young County
09-07454 CAMPBELL/CAPPS "B" Young County
09-07455 CAMPBELL/CAPPS "C" Young County
09-07658 CAMPBELL -UG- Young County
09-07699 BENSON -A- Young County
09-07779 HUNTER, CHAS. Young County
09-10375 LOGAN -A- Archer County
09-10418 GREEN, F. C. Archer County
09-10575 HUNTER, CHARLES Young County
09-10666 CAMPBELL, R. -AA- Young County
09-11053 CAMPBELL, R. -BB- Young County
09-12095 FALLS COUNTY -NORTH- Archer County
09-12101 FALLS COUNTY /ALEXANDER/ Archer County
09-14812 SCRUGGS/CAPPS Archer County
09-16607 LEE Young County
09-19027 CAMPBELL -A- Young County
09-20288 CAMPBELL -C- Young County
09-21905 SMITH Jack County
09-23496 KUNKEL Young County
09-24384 SCRUGGS Archer County
09-25509 CAMPBELL D Young County
09-26431 MILLER, J. "A" Archer County
09-27066 GRIFFIN Young County
09-27226 DAWSON Young County
09-27256 MORRISON-DAWSON UNIT Young County
09-27692 LOFTIN Archer County
09-28105 FALLS COUNTY "J" Archer County
09-29908 ROSEBROUGH Young County
09-30004 FCSL "C" Archer County
09-30699 MCGEE Young County
09-30814 MCGEE "B" Young County
09-31257 ROGERS Young County
09-31597 DANIELS Young County
09-31701 3-D "A" Young County
09-31702 3-D "B" Young County
09-31983 WOLF Young County
09-32148 GEORGIA Young County
09-32177 ROGERS "NORTH" Young County
09-32211 MORRISON Young County
09-32369 SAGE CATTLE CO. Young County
09-32574 ATCHLEY Young County
09-32738 TAACK Young County
09-32977 ROGERS "NORTH" Young County
09-33084 SWEATT SHALLOW Young County

Drilling Permits Filed by Craig, Carl