Crawford Energy Operating Co Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Crawford Energy Operating Co
Map of Wells Operated by Crawford Energy Operating Co
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Leases Operated by Crawford Energy Operating Co

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
02-08817 NATHO Karnes County
02-08834 SMOLIK - SCHORRE Karnes County
02-08911 HAGAN Karnes County
02-161574 LYONS Karnes County
02-195868 WESSENDORF Karnes County
02-195876 WESSENDORF Karnes County
02-195877 WESSENDORF Karnes County
02-199102 WESSENDORF Karnes County
02-199104 WESSENDORF Karnes County
02-200651 WESSENDORF Karnes County
02-205213 HAGAN Karnes County
02-206597 LINDER DeWitt County
02-207263 LINDER DeWitt County
02-207487 LINDER DeWitt County
02-207488 KUESTER DeWitt County
03-136657 BARNHART-MAYFAIR UNIT Burleson County
03-143940 WILKINS, MABEL Burleson County
03-144908 MOORE, ROBERT T. ESTATE Brazos County
03-145254 KYLE GAS UNIT Jefferson County
03-145349 GAUBATZ-FOJT UNIT Burleson County
03-146056 MCFARLANE-MOORE UNIT Brazos County
03-148008 JERICHO-VILAS Brazos County
03-148090 WALKER, M. P. Brazos County
03-148290 VILAS-MOORE Brazos County
03-149172 WALKER, M. P. Brazos County
03-149245 MOORE, JESSE "A" Burleson County
03-149586 RUBENSTEIN UNIT Burleson County
03-154499 SEWARD Washington County
03-155274 VILAS Brazos County
03-155376 MOORE, JESSE Burleson County
03-157261 MOORE ESTATE UNIT Brazos County
03-157450 SCHULTE UNIT Washington County
03-157898 MOORE, ROBERT ESTATE Brazos County
03-157899 HUTCHINGS ESTATE Washington County
03-157900 MOORE, R. ESTATE UNIT Brazos County
03-160200 VILAS-WALTON Brazos County
03-161627 BIG CREEK OL Brazos County
03-162949 WILKIN, MABEL Burleson County
03-188039 MARTIN "A" Washington County
03-189943 WILKINS "A" Burleson County
03-20293 L. N. Madison County
03-205902 ELLIOTT Wharton County
03-208842 KIRKPATRICK, ET AL Hardin County
03-212737 MOORE, ROBERT Brazos County
03-214773 PARTLOW, R. G. Liberty County
03-218417 WILBECK Wharton County
03-221163 BUFFUM & BENNING Liberty County
03-222684 FINLEY Liberty County
03-223610 PARTLOW, R. G. Liberty County
03-229824 HAWKINS UNIT Matagorda County
03-23136 DEFRESNE UNIT Washington County
03-232267 VIEMAN UNIT Brazoria County
03-233769 BUFFUM & BENNING Liberty County
03-24071 FINLEY UNIT Liberty County
03-24093 LAWRENCE Brazos County
05-03472 FIFE Van Zandt County
05-03485 PALMER-METCALF Van Zandt County
05-03493 PALMER-METCALF -A- Van Zandt County
05-03500 PALMER-METCALF Van Zandt County
05-03501 PALMER-METCALF -B- Van Zandt County
05-03541 OLIVER, J. R. Van Zandt County
05-03556 OLIVER, J. R. Van Zandt County
05-03557 OLIVER, J. R. Van Zandt County
05-03572 OLIVER, J. R. Van Zandt County
05-03587 MCPHEARSON, J. F. Van Zandt County
05-03588 MCPHEARSON, J. F. Van Zandt County
05-03590 J. R. OLIVER UNIT Van Zandt County
05-03596 PALMER-METCALF Van Zandt County
05-03613 HILL Van Zandt County
05-03614 HILL Van Zandt County
05-03641 MCPHEARSON, J. F. "A" Van Zandt County
05-03730 J. R. OLIVER UNIT Van Zandt County
05-03766 FIFE, D.C. Van Zandt County
05-103570 CLARK, J. B. Van Zandt County
05-106292 RUSHING, G. W. Van Zandt County
05-149026 PALMER-METCALF Van Zandt County
05-154741 BROWNING Van Zandt County
05-160268 CRIM Van Zandt County
05-188797 BROWNING, L.P. Van Zandt County
09-29456 TRUST, C. E. Hardeman County

Drilling Permits Filed by Crawford Energy Operating Co