Crimson Exploration Oper., Inc. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Crimson Exploration Oper., Inc.
Map of Wells Operated by Crimson Exploration Oper., Inc.
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Leases Operated by Crimson Exploration Oper., Inc.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-12425 TORTUGA B UNIT Dimmit County
01-12677 BOOTH-WEAVER Zavala County
01-14520 JETERO-BOOTH Zavala County
01-15631 K.M. RANCH Zavala County
01-16363 BEELER Zavala County
01-17577 BEELER Zavala County
01-18584 DUNLAP Dimmit County
01-18777 BEELER UNIT F Zavala County
01-18786 BEELER UNIT E Zavala County
01-18794 BEELER UNIT C Dimmit County
01-18801 BEELER UNIT D Zavala County
02-09606 LITTLEPAGE-MCBRIDE Karnes County
02-10050 GLASSCOCK 'B' UNIT Karnes County
02-10087 GLASSCOCK 'A' UNIT Karnes County
02-169365 UPCHURCH Lavaca County
02-173808 STEINMANN ESTATE DeWitt County
02-174765 MIGL-QUINN Lavaca County
02-179361 PILGREEN Lavaca County
02-191829 PILGREEN Lavaca County
02-192199 FRENCH ESTATE Lavaca County
02-220979 EAVES Lavaca County
03-02868 COCKBURN -B- Wharton County
03-067077 MALLET-MITCHELL COOK MTN UNIT Liberty County
03-177617 TUER-MITCHELL UNIT Liberty County
03-193538 HOLBROOK, ELLEN Liberty County
03-215405 SWILLEY UNIT Liberty County
03-22790 PEARSON UNIT Grimes County
03-242695 CATHERINE HENDERSON "A" UNIT Liberty County
03-24728 ARRIOLA Hardin County
03-249955 HENDERSON Liberty County
03-25855 MOSLEY Madison County
03-258989 E. SCHWARZ Liberty County
03-25950 GRACE HALL OIL UNIT A Madison County
03-26046 A. YATES UNIT Grimes County
03-26067 PAYNE UNIT A Madison County
03-26130 COVINGTON-UPCHURCH UNIT Grimes County
03-26168 PAYNE UNIT B Madison County
03-26458 MOSLEY OIL UNIT B Madison County
03-265077 HENDERSON, CATHERINE 'B' Liberty County
03-26544 GRACE HALL C (ALLOCATION) UNIT Madison County
03-26660 VICK TRUST UNIT B Madison County
03-266955 E. SCHWARZ Liberty County
03-26720 GRACE HALL UNIT B Madison County
03-26772 CROW UNIT A Madison County
03-27010 GRACE HALL UNIT C Madison County
03-27011 CROW UNIT B Madison County
03-27044 DEAN UNIT Madison County
03-27045 BARR UNIT B Madison County
03-27046 BARR UNIT A Madison County
03-271204 HENDERSON, CATHERINE 'A' UNIT Liberty County
03-27124 TOMMIE CARROLL Grimes County
03-27125 VINIARSKI UNIT A Madison County
03-27178 VICK TRUST UNIT B (ALLOCATION) Madison County
03-27197 VICK TRUST UNIT B 5H (ALLOC) Madison County
03-27199 VICK TRUST UNIT B 3H (ALLOCATION Madison County
04-156991 PALMYRA Zapata County
04-160338 ALVAREZ GAS UNIT Zapata County
04-160626 SALINAS "A" Zapata County
04-161329 PALMYRA Zapata County
04-161709 ESPERANZA Zapata County
04-164858 PALMYRA Zapata County
04-164861 PALMYRA Zapata County
04-191414 PALMYRA Zapata County
04-245284 CAGE ESTATE G Brooks County
06-15461 KODIAK San Augustine County
06-15511 FAIRWAY FARMS UNIT 'A' San Augustine County
06-260022 GOBI San Augustine County
06-263921 BLUE San Augustine County
06-264654 KODIAK San Augustine County
08-48572 LONESTAR GUNFIGHTER 1813 Pecos County
08-49051 RIPPER STATE 1924 Pecos County
08-49242 RUDE RAM 2120 Pecos County
08-49474 GUNNER 2223 Pecos County
08-49845 CRUSADER 2930 Pecos County
08-49977 RAGIN BULL 1716 Pecos County
08-50232 RIVER RATTLER 0809 Pecos County
08-50651 SIDEWINDER 2120 Pecos County
08-50996 FIGHTING ACE 2827 Pecos County
08-51371 GENERAL PAXTON 3631 Pecos County

Drilling Permits Filed by Crimson Exploration Oper., Inc.