Crystal Oil And Land Co. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Crystal Oil And Land Co.
Map of Wells Operated by Crystal Oil And Land Co.
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Leases Operated by Crystal Oil And Land Co.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-05779 TILLER, J.R. -D- Caldwell County
02-001160 BURNS, CLAY WEST Live Oak County
02-001163 BURNS, C. W., UNIT 3 Live Oak County
02-003314 WEST, A. W., D-1 UNIT Live Oak County
02-033303 BURNS, C. W., UNIT 3 Live Oak County
02-039856 WEST, A. W., B-2 UNIT Live Oak County
03-008499 HAST, HAZEL M., MRS. Brazoria County
03-012042 NO LEASE NAME EXISTS FOR THIS P4 Hidalgo County
04-013281 ISENSEE -A- Nueces County
04-013282 OCKER-TILL Nueces County
04-013283 SEDWICK, J. B. Nueces County
04-013354 PAGE, SALLY Nueces County
04-013355 ROMANIX-ISENSEE Nueces County
04-01426 DORAN-STATE Duval County
04-02546 HARRELL, VIRA A. Nueces County
04-030607 HARRELL, VIRA Nueces County
04-031940 ISENSEE, T. H. Nueces County
04-034238 SOUTHWESTERN LIFE INS., CO. Hidalgo County
04-035293 SEDWICK, J. B. Nueces County
04-03534 OCKER, ANTON Nueces County
04-035948 HUNTER, HOCO Nueces County
04-037149 NEBLETT, W. T. Starr County
04-037515 HOCO-HUNTER Nueces County
04-038616 PERKINS-LA GASSE Nueces County
04-03974 TILL, A-J Nueces County
04-046037 SEDWICK, J. B. Nueces County
04-046322 LAWRENCE, R. M. & L. S. Nueces County
04-046323 HARRELL, VIRA A Nueces County
04-047660 GALLAGHER Nueces County
04-054963 HARRELL, VIRA A. Nueces County
04-057377 BLISS,F.E.-B- Nueces County
04-05788 PAGE, SALLIE Nueces County
04-075602 HARRELL, VIRA Nueces County
04-076294 ISENSEE, T.H Nueces County
04-078335 ISENSEE, T. H. Nueces County
04-078762 STATE TRACT 753 San Patricio County
04-078954 HARRELL VIRA A. Nueces County
04-08258 BLISS, F. E. Nueces County
04-085848 BLISS, FRANK E. A Nueces County
04-09172 MESTENA OIL & GAS CO. Jim Hogg County
04-11051 HARRELL, VIRA Nueces County
04-11054 HARRELL, VIRA A. Nueces County
04-11073 HARRELL, VIRA Nueces County
04-11138 HARRELL, VIRA Nueces County
05-02109 EASLEY, GRADY W. Van Zandt County
06-008499 HAST, HAZEL M., MRS. Brazoria County
06-01924 BROWN, ORA, MRS., ETAL Wood County
06-01931 GAMBLIN, G. H. Wood County
06-03320 JACKSON, ELIZABETH Smith County
06-03624 STUDDARD,C.P. Panola County
06-03657 HILLIARD, E. L. -A. Harrison County
06-080173 VAUGHN Wood County
06-081328 BROWN, ORA Wood County
06-081618 CRYSTAL-VAUGHN Wood County
06-081720 WILCOXSON-COATS Wood County
06-095485 CALDWELL ET AL -A- Panola County
06-10093 CRADDOCK, J. M. Wood County
06-10162 AUBREY A. DANIEL UNIT Henderson County
06-10171 WILCOXSON-COATS Wood County
06-10172 HARP -A- Wood County
06-10201 DANIEL, AUBREY A., UNIT Henderson County
06-10350 CRADDOCK, PAULINE Wood County
06-10562 CRADDOCK, PAULINE Wood County
06-10574 CHILDS, ALVIN Harrison County
06-10594 COOPER, GUY Wood County
06-107291 HAYNES Cass County
06-10784 PEACOCK "A" Cass County
06-108234 CRYSTAL-RAMBO Cass County
06-108235 BLANCHARD "A" Cass County
06-108236 BLANCHARD "A" Cass County
06-108526 GIPSON Cass County
06-11011 WILCOXSON-COATS Wood County
06-11117 WALKER "A" Cass County
06-11157 BLANCHARD Cass County
06-111584 BLANCHARD "A" Cass County
06-11163 CRYSTAL-RAMBO Cass County
06-11225 CRYSTAL-TERRY ET AL "A" Cass County
06-11226 TERRY "B" Cass County
10-03798 KILLGORE Moore County

Drilling Permits Filed by Crystal Oil And Land Co.