Custer & Wright Operating, Inc. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Custer & Wright Operating, Inc.
Map of Wells Operated by Custer & Wright Operating, Inc.
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PO BOX 2334

(432) 687-1565

Leases Operated by Custer & Wright Operating, Inc.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
08-019701 COWDEN, E. W. Winkler County
08-019702 COWDEN, E. W. Winkler County
08-019708 COWDEN -37- Winkler County
08-02529 WALTON, J. B. -C- CW Winkler County
08-03175 HENDRICK, IDA -K- Winkler County
08-03183 BROWN-ALTMAN "A" Winkler County
08-03237 WESTBROOK Winkler County
08-03277 CAMPBELL -C- Winkler County
08-07352 EDWARDS, S. B. Ward County
08-10678 TXL -B- Ector County
08-11169 MOSS, PAUL -C- Ector County
08-124649 BROWN-ALTMAN "B" Winkler County
08-126041 WALTON "A" CW Winkler County
08-127486 WALTON "A" Winkler County
08-128610 COWDEN -37- Winkler County
08-128735 AMOCO -5- Winkler County
08-129303 HONDO -7- Winkler County
08-129966 CLAPP -37- Winkler County
08-131033 COWDEN -37- Winkler County
08-131035 CLAPP -37- Winkler County
08-135743 GALAXY -37- Winkler County
08-13746 COWDEN, E. W. CW Winkler County
08-19852 HENDRICK, T. G., -A- Winkler County
08-20190 TXL -B- Ector County
08-26063 ECTOR -BA- FEE Ector County
08-26326 TXL Q Ector County
08-28655 COWDEN, E.F. -B- Ector County
08-30007 NEWBERT Winkler County
08-30873 CAMPBELL -D- Winkler County
08-31503 HENDRICK -46- Winkler County
08-32771 HENDRICK -J- Winkler County
08-32961 CLAPP 26 -A- Winkler County
08-33294 TEXACO "34" Ector County
08-34291 COWDEN, E. W. -E- Winkler County
08-35732 AVERITT Ector County
08-40643 TXL "7" Martin County
08-44978 MITCHELL Martin County
09-01607 HARRISON & ALLEN Clay County
7C-12526 MANN, ANN T./STATE Crockett County
7C-12606 MCCUNE, E. STATE Crockett County
7C-12823 WISE, DOUG Crockett County
7C-12924 AMACKER STATE Crockett County
7C-12998 COWDEN STATE UNIT "A" Crockett County
7C-13028 HILL STATE Crockett County
7C-13243 NOELKE Crockett County
7C-13441 RUTLEDGE Crockett County
7C-13489 COWDEN 1 STATE Crockett County
7C-14514 SANDERS STATE Crockett County
7C-160950 SANDERS STATE Crockett County
7C-16270 ROCKER "B" Irion County
7C-195792 MCCUNE STATE UNIT A Crockett County
7C-210002 COWDEN 1 STATE Crockett County
7C-210006 RUTLEDGE Crockett County
8A-63845 H V Garza County
8A-64206 WHEELER, VALTON Garza County
8A-65066 HVB Garza County
8A-67506 N.C.O. Gaines County
8A-68050 CADDELL Crosby County
8A-68051 CAPROCK GIN Crosby County
8A-68052 BELCHER Crosby County
8A-68053 WHEELER ESTATE Crosby County
8A-68055 CADDELL 'A' Crosby County
8A-68056 WHEELER 'C' Crosby County
8A-68086 BELLE, ANNA "B" Crosby County
8A-68087 BELLE, ANNA Crosby County
8A-68088 GP Crosby County
8A-68089 PT Crosby County
8A-68090 PHIL Crosby County
8A-68540 CASA GRANDE 12 Gaines County
8A-68772 SIEBER Yoakum County
8A-68788 BEAVERHEAD Borden County
8A-70050 WHEELER A Crosby County
8A-70051 WHEELER B Crosby County
8A-70052 WHEELER D Crosby County
8A-70149 GLF Lynn County
8A-70557 SIEBER Yoakum County
8A-70816 HUDSON Yoakum County
8A-70856 BEN Yoakum County

Drilling Permits Filed by Custer & Wright Operating, Inc.