Dakota Resources, Inc. (I) Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Dakota Resources, Inc. (I)
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Leases Operated by Dakota Resources, Inc. (I)

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-07593 MOESKER Gonzales County
01-13580 APACHE - GLASS
08-05380 SCOTT, F. H. Ward County
08-05514 UNIVERSITY D Andrews County
08-05515 UNIVERSITY -E- Andrews County
08-05516 UNIVERSITY -H- Andrews County
08-08615 UNIVERSITY -A- Andrews County
08-10546 OGDEN Andrews County
08-11884 TXL -AI- /NCT-A/ Loving County
08-141601 CLEVELAND, R. Reeves County
08-148173 CLEVELAND, R. - LITTLE BOB Reeves County
08-153023 WALKING COYOTE Reeves County
08-18980 TXL -AI- /NCT-B/ Loving County
08-19828 KLOH "B-17" Ector County
08-19910 KLOH -C-29- Ector County
08-22941 STATE "NY" Crane County
08-25166 BASS -46A- Loving County
08-25195 MITCHELL, ROSA L. -27- Pecos County
08-25493 BASS -46A- Loving County
08-25785 BASS STATE -2- Loving County
08-25858 MCDONALD-STATE Pecos County
08-25887 BAGWELL, MARY ET AL Loving County
08-26246 CHRISTOPHER "38" Loving County
08-26247 GUTHRIE, N.C. ET AL Loving County
08-26385 BASS STATE -2-, TR. 2 Loving County
08-26991 UNIVERSITY -EM- Andrews County
08-28479 BASS -46B- Loving County
08-29521 UNIVERSITY "14-16" Andrews County
08-29570 KLOH "C-29" Ector County
08-30192 MARLO -11- Andrews County
08-31047 UNIVERSITY -1416- D Andrews County
08-31492 STATE PERRY Andrews County
08-32253 KLOH B-17 Ector County
08-32344 PARKER-STATE Reeves County
08-33112 PRETTY CLOUD Andrews County
08-36667 SHAFTER LAKE "10" Andrews County
08-38432 WOVOKA CARLILE Martin County
08-39154 CHRISTOPHER -38- Loving County
08-39160 TXL -AI- (NCT-D) Loving County
08-40167 UNIVERSITY DONNA Andrews County
08-40233 UNIVERSITY DONNA Andrews County
08-42120 UNIVERSITY EMILIE Andrews County
08-44889 UNIVERSITY KATELYN Crane County
08-45819 UNIVERSITY EMILIE Andrews County
08-46130 UNIVERSITY AMANDA Crane County
7B-02144 GRICE, CLYDE "S" Haskell County
7B-07660 MATHIS, R. E. Haskell County
7B-13362 HERTEL, J.A. Haskell County
7B-14744 WENDEBORN Stonewall County
7B-18467 STULIR, ADOLPH Stonewall County
7B-19184 LETZ, MARVIN Stonewall County
7B-26299 BUBELA-WENDEBORN Stonewall County
7C-07218 OFFUTT, GEORGIA Schleicher County
7C-079972 RAGSDALE "12" Edwards County
7C-11247 BAUER Runnels County
8A-021061 WELTMER, T. C. Gaines County
8A-13136 CONE, A. L. Yoakum County
8A-61000 MCGINTY Yoakum County
8A-62242 SLAUGHTER "H" Garza County
8A-63746 AMERADA-BEAVER Dawson County
8A-66028 BLAKE-ADCOCK Dawson County
8A-66058 CARR, NONA K. Gaines County
8A-66282 MACY-LOTT "10" Garza County
8A-66311 MACY-LOTT "B-10" Garza County
8A-66362 WASHAKIE-HAMILTON Borden County
8A-66524 WASHAKIE-HAMILTON Borden County
8A-66836 MACY-LOTT B-10 Garza County
8A-66864 MACY LOTT 10 Garza County
8A-68250 COMANCHE MOON Gaines County

Drilling Permits Filed by Dakota Resources, Inc. (I)