Dale Operating Company Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Dale Operating Company
Map of Wells Operated by Dale Operating Company
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2100 ROSS AVE STE 1870 LB 9
DALLAS, TX 75201

Leases Operated by Dale Operating Company

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-05017 HARRIS A Frio County
01-08880 BRACKEN TRACT 2 McMullen County
01-10028 CROUCH Atascosa County
01-110832 BRACKEN "A" McMullen County
01-111164 BRACKEN "A" McMullen County
01-111686 BRACKEN "G" McMullen County
01-112834 BRACKEN "A" McMullen County
01-114862 BRACKEN "A" McMullen County
01-115802 BRACKEN "A" McMullen County
01-116114 BRACKEN "A" McMullen County
01-116519 BRACKEN "A" McMullen County
01-116903 BRACKEN "A" McMullen County
01-117339 BRACKEN "B" McMullen County
01-117344 HUFF McMullen County
01-117713 HUFF McMullen County
01-118637 BRACKEN "C" McMullen County
01-119441 BRACKEN "B" McMullen County
01-12182 BRACKEN "I" McMullen County
01-12247 BRACKEN 1 -87- McMullen County
01-123257 ROB-KAY OIL CO. (FEE) McMullen County
01-12413 GOOD Frio County
01-129182 BRACKEN "E" McMullen County
01-129564 BRACKEN "E" McMullen County
01-13088 BRAUCHLE Atascosa County
01-13147 BRACKEN "1B" McMullen County
01-132930 BRACKEN "D" McMullen County
01-132941 BRACKEN "F" McMullen County
01-144918 BRACKEN "E" McMullen County
01-144919 BRACKEN "B" McMullen County
02-130897 MORRISON Goliad County
02-131469 RAY Bee County
02-131840 MORRISON Goliad County
02-163122 WELDER "C" Refugio County
02-163123 CLARKSON Goliad County
02-163124 WELDER "G" Refugio County
02-167888 JOHNSTON "A" Victoria County
02-169997 J. K. NEW ESTATE "A" Victoria County
02-170204 BAPTIST Refugio County
02-170970 ROCHELLE Lavaca County
02-174438 ROCHELLE Lavaca County
03-149233 LESEMAN UNIT Washington County
03-152687 BOSSE UNIT Washington County
03-175695 ALLEN Wharton County
03-19034 TITUS Fayette County
03-20634 RUBACH, LYDIA Burleson County
03-21963 TURK RANCH Brazos County
06-04597 HAYS, GRADY UNIT Rusk County
06-100001 HAYNES, R. W. GAS UNIT Harrison County
06-100728 WILLIAMS GAS UNIT Harrison County
06-101570 FURRH GAS UNIT Harrison County
06-114383 WHEELER Harrison County
06-118214 PEPPER GAS UNIT 1 Harrison County
06-190743 GRIMES Cherokee County
06-191050 WILSON, DAVID G. Smith County
06-191686 CAMERON Smith County
06-194345 LINTNER Smith County
06-195150 WILSON, DAVID G. Smith County
06-196752 SWANN, M. C. Smith County
06-199363 SWANN, M. C. Smith County
06-199378 WILSON, DAVID G. Smith County
06-199734 SWANN, M. C. Smith County
06-200679 MOORE Smith County
06-201167 MOORE Smith County
06-201496 GUTHRIE Smith County
06-202490 CAMERON Smith County
06-204105 MCELROY "A" Cherokee County
06-204456 TALIAFERRO GAS UNIT 1 Rusk County
06-205736 REAGAN Cherokee County
06-211331 TRAVIS "A" Cherokee County
06-215600 GRANT Shelby County
08-31573 STATE Pecos County
09-196745 BELL Tarrant County
09-210959 BRENTWOOD "A" Tarrant County
09-212719 GATEWAY PARK Tarrant County
09-217163 GATEWAY PARK Tarrant County
09-217169 GATEWAY PARK Tarrant County
09-223790 BAHAN Tarrant County
09-223989 TRWD Tarrant County
09-226154 BASS 311 "B" Tarrant County
8A-70211 DELOACHE Hockley County

Drilling Permits Filed by Dale Operating Company