Dallas Operating Corp. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Dallas Operating Corp.
Map of Wells Operated by Dallas Operating Corp.
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DALLAS, TX 75205-2726

Leases Operated by Dallas Operating Corp.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
03-01745 GAILLARD Harris County
03-01753 BUSCH, H., ETAL Harris County
03-01755 GILLETTE, M. Harris County
03-01757 JONES, A. S. Harris County
03-01758 RUCKER-SCHILLING Harris County
03-01759 SCHILLING, JOHN Harris County
03-01760 SMITH, A. -B- Harris County
03-01761 SMITH, A. -C- Harris County
03-01762 SMITH, ASHBEL Harris County
03-01763 SMITH, HOUSTON Harris County
03-01764 WRIGHT, A. -B- Harris County
03-01765 WRIGHT, A. -D- Harris County
03-01766 WRIGHT, A. -E- Harris County
03-01792 GAILLARD, J. 25-ACRE Harris County
03-01794 GAILLARD PENINSULA Harris County
03-01799 SIMMS-SCHILLING Harris County
03-01800 SIMMS-SWEET Harris County
03-01808 BRITTON-CRAVENS Harris County
03-01809 SMITH, ASHBEL #2 Harris County
03-01810 SMITH, ASHBEL-SUN Harris County
03-01820 BARTLETT Harris County
03-01822 WRIGHT, M. & G. Harris County
03-01827 PEDEN, E. A., FEE NCT-1 Harris County
03-01838 BAY & BAYOU Harris County
03-01840 SMITH, ASHBEL Harris County
03-06902 WRIGHT -A- Harris County
03-19173 HOG ISLAND FEE Harris County
03-20740 HARRELL, JANNA Harris County
03-21942 TEXSTAR-HYDRA BOLT Harris County
03-22297 TEXSTAR HIMSEL Harris County
03-24478 MOUND COMPANY LEASE NCT-1 Brazoria County
03-24533 MOUND COMPANY LEASE NCT-1A Brazoria County
03-24625 MOUND COMPANY LEASE NCT-1B Brazoria County
03-25045 WELCH FOUNDATION Brazoria County
03-25058 WELCH FOUNDATION Brazoria County
06-105672 ZACH ABNEY UNIT Harrison County
06-14605 COVINGTON Anderson County
06-210557 ABNEY, ZACH UNIT Harrison County
06-212419 COVINGTON Anderson County
06-215359 ABNEY, ZACH UNIT Harrison County
06-216329 ABNEY, ZACH UNIT Harrison County
06-224062 COVINGTON Anderson County
08-00063 STATE BRUNSON Crane County
08-06809 YATES, I. G. -B-1- Pecos County
08-06810 YATES, I. G. -D-1- Pecos County
08-06811 YATES, I. G. -F-1- Pecos County
08-06812 YATES, I. G. -G-1- Pecos County
08-06813 YATES, I. G. -I-1- Pecos County
08-06814 YATES, I. G. -K-1- Pecos County
08-18271 MCDOWELL, L. S. Glasscock County
08-20017 MCDOWELL, L. S. 30 Glasscock County
08-20056 MCDOWELL, L. S., -B- Glasscock County
08-20243 MCDOWELL UNIT Glasscock County
08-22030 WOMACK Martin County
08-32266 BEULAH Martin County
08-32406 ASHLEY Martin County
08-32733 BARBARA Martin County
08-34792 WOMACK SWD Martin County
09-07900 DONNELL UNIT Young County
7B-29667 HUMBER Shackelford County
7C-147442 PFLUGER, M. Menard County
7C-150074 PFLUGER "6-1" Menard County

Drilling Permits Filed by Dallas Operating Corp.