Damson Oil Corp. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Damson Oil Corp.
Map of Wells Operated by Damson Oil Corp.
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P O BOX 3178
MIDLAND, TX 79702-3178

Leases Operated by Damson Oil Corp.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-07260 HALLMARK, N.D. Gonzales County
01-07387 BRUBAKER, DORA Gonzales County
01-07411 PARR Gonzales County
01-07585 COLDEWEY UNIT Wilson County
01-07715 MILLS, LAURA Wilson County
02-034779 DOVE, B. W., -A- Live Oak County
02-056361 DOVE, B. W. Live Oak County
02-05924 SUGAREK, L.D. Bee County
02-060370 FOX, CLARA WEST Goliad County
02-06040 SHELTON, NANCY F. Victoria County
02-06062 SHELTON, NANCY F. Victoria County
02-062103 FOX, CLARA WEST Goliad County
02-06338 LUKER, ET AL Goliad County
02-066438 LUKER ET AL Goliad County
02-066936 DOVE, B. W. -A- Live Oak County
02-071181 YOWARD, MATTIE A. Bee County
02-077464 MASON Lavaca County
02-082130 DOLESH,MINTA ET AL Jackson County
02-083324 SCHOOLFIELD Bee County
02-095967 RIGGLE-WENDTLAND Bee County
02-098692 RIGGLE-WENDTLAND Bee County
02-098695 RIGGLE-WENDTLAND UNIT #1 Bee County
02-099720 KENNE Goliad County
02-099828 BULLER, CLARENCE Jackson County
02-101480 SHELTON, NANCY F. Victoria County
02-101940 DIETZEL, WALTER Goliad County
02-109746 CLARK, KITTIE Lavaca County
03-053878 BLEZINGER Austin County
03-058967 L. H. SLAUGHTER Matagorda County
03-065671 NORTHINGTON Wharton County
03-066157 FROST NATIONAL BANK Chambers County
03-066158 FROST NATIONAL BANK Chambers County
03-067497 HODNETT HEIRS UNIT Chambers County
03-067498 HODNETT HEIRS UNIT Chambers County
03-071534 TAYLOR, MARTIN GAS UNIT Austin County
03-073740 STATE TRACT 86 Chambers County
03-076287 STATE TRACT 86 Chambers County
03-077743 MYATT Wharton County
03-083396 SCHULT, OSCAR Wharton County
03-084089 LAURA UNIT Lee County
03-084289 FROST NATIONAL BANK Chambers County
03-095718 KIRBY SANTA-FE Hardin County
03-097904 KIRBY SANTA-FE Hardin County
03-097905 KIRBY SANTA-FE Hardin County
03-11037 KOUNTZE & COUCH Wharton County
03-11558 MCCULLOUGH Brazos County
03-11989 POWLEDGE, ESTELLE Grimes County
03-11995 CHAPMAN UNIT Brazoria County
03-11999 WARD L. Lee County
06-086986 WITCHER, WM. GAS UNIT Rusk County
06-087065 WYLIE, S.O. Anderson County
06-097817 WYLIE, S. O. Anderson County
06-100297 LUNSFORD, WILMA UNIT Nacogdoches County
08-02594 OBRIEN, G. W., ETAL Winkler County
08-065147 TERRY -6- Sterling County
08-14873 UNIVERSITY -17- Andrews County
08-20459 OLDHAM, PENROSE Midland County
08-20699 MCALISTER -A- Midland County
08-20710 OLDHAM, PENROSE, #3 Midland County
08-20864 MCALISTER -B- Midland County
08-23831 TERRY 6 Sterling County
08-25427 F. CONGER 7 Sterling County
08-25726 WESTBROOK 22 Sterling County
08-25772 WESTBROOK 27 Sterling County
08-25833 F. CONGER 30 Andrews County
08-26412 WESTBROOK 29 Sterling County
08-27310 BERRY 20 Glasscock County
7B-12019 TINKLE, L. Taylor County
7B-12236 REAGAN M.L. Palo Pinto County
7B-14945 ANDERSON Stonewall County
7B-15229 WILSON BETTY "A" Callahan County
7C-00665 STAGNER Coke County
7C-05219 WEATHERBY, THERON K., -A- #2 Reagan County
7C-069135 MIERS "78" Sutton County
7C-069282 HARRELL, R.A. "A" Crockett County
7C-072626 MIERS Edwards County
7C-073761 MIERS -78- Sutton County
7C-073762 MIERS -78- Sutton County
7C-094058 FAWCETT, BOBBIE H. Sutton County
8A-05170 HOWELL, C. J. Hockley County

Drilling Permits Filed by Damson Oil Corp.