Daniels Corporation, The Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Daniels Corporation, The
Map of Wells Operated by Daniels Corporation, The
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PO BOX 1104
SEABROOK, TX 77586-1104

Leases Operated by Daniels Corporation, The

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-13321 STEINER, T.C. Bastrop County
03-054478 LOBIT, LOUIS G. Galveston County
03-06044 FERGUSON, J. E., FEE Harris County
03-06188 LANDSLIDE OIL CO. FEE Harris County
03-07916 LIDDELL, F. EST. Harris County
03-08633 ATKINSON, V. Jefferson County
03-08688 INDUSTRIAL INV. CO. A/C #4 Jefferson County
03-08722 PINCHBACK, SEAWILLOW, MRS. Jefferson County
03-104780 LOBIT, LOUIS G. GAS UNIT Galveston County
03-108356 RORICK, DAVID ET AL Harris County
03-10983 T. T. P. L. CO. FEE Harris County
03-10984 HAMILTON, H., FEE Harris County
03-11601 OTT, C.E. ET AL Galveston County
03-11706 WILSON, B. LOBIT Galveston County
03-12329 KNEITZ, GLADYS M. Brazoria County
03-129591 SCOTT-STOCKTON Colorado County
03-129593 BAHR Montgomery County
03-13062 MACO STEWART OIL UNIT #2 Galveston County
03-138854 MARKS, EMORY ET AL Harris County
03-14258 OTT, C.E. ET AL Galveston County
03-14765 MCCRACKEN, CATHERINE Harris County
03-151392 SCOTT, ERNEST & WALTER Colorado County
03-15665 MACO STEWART O.U. 1 Galveston County
03-157331 ANDRAU, WILLIAM Brazoria County
03-165602 GLASSCOK, C. G. ET AL Colorado County
03-16700 MARKS, EMORY M. ET AL Harris County
03-168877 PATTILLO, WM. Chambers County
03-18898 STOCKTON-SCOTT UNIT #1 Colorado County
03-19122 WILSON, B.L. GAS UNIT Galveston County
03-19311 MACO STEWART OIL UNIT 1 Galveston County
03-20197 DOCKINS, JIMMIE ET UX Montgomery County
03-21298 MOODY NATIONAL BANK Galveston County
03-21769 ALEXANDER, THOS. P. ETAL Galveston County
03-21980 LOBIT Galveston County
03-22072 GREYHOUND TRUST UNIT Galveston County
03-22287 THOS. ALEXANDER UNIT Galveston County
03-22502 FEDERAL GAYATT Galveston County
03-22712 ANDRAU, WILLIAM ET AL Brazoria County
03-22713 ANDRAU, WILLIAM Brazoria County
03-22825 PABST-WILKINS Galveston County
03-22840 SCHILLING A-B Chambers County
03-22869 PABST-WILKENS Galveston County
03-23010 ZINN UNIT Galveston County
03-23344 ANDRAU, WILLIAM Brazoria County
06-105037 GRAFTON Nacogdoches County

Drilling Permits Filed by Daniels Corporation, The