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Leases Operated by Denali Oil & Gas Management, LLC

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-15798 JENDRZEY UNIT Wilson County
01-16251 DZIUK Wilson County
02-188897 DOLAN Live Oak County
02-202437 JACOBS RANCH Lavaca County
03-25124 CHERRY OIL UNIT Fayette County
03-25128 DAVIS, WIRT Liberty County
03-25807 TILICEK UNIT Fayette County
03-25985 CHERRY HEIRS Fayette County
04-010273 DE TREVINO, I. G. Zapata County
04-010275 TREVINO, ET AL UNIT Zapata County
04-038669 HADDOCK, I. E., UNIT Hidalgo County
04-062185 CALLAGHAN RANCH Webb County
04-070528 CALLAGHAN RANCH Webb County
04-079343 CALLAGHAN RANCH Webb County
04-08254 TREVINO, E., ET AL Zapata County
04-102291 TREVINO, ALBERT Zapata County
04-102372 MUCHER, J. ET AL Hidalgo County
04-115090 CALLAGHAN RANCH Webb County
04-117136 GARZA, LAURO Zapata County
04-118176 GARZA, LAURO Zapata County
04-122128 GARZA, LAURO Zapata County
04-123373 GARZA, LAURO Zapata County
04-124007 TREVINO, E. Zapata County
04-137741 HUDNALL, J. S. Hidalgo County
04-139545 CALLAGHAN RANCH Webb County
04-139715 TREVINO, ALBERT Zapata County
04-145653 CALLAGHAN RANCH Webb County
04-145783 CALLAGHAN RANCH Webb County
04-145811 TREVINO, ALBERT Zapata County
04-146072 CALLAGHAN RANCH Webb County
04-146443 CALLAGHAN RANCH Webb County
04-146869 CALLAGHAN RANCH Webb County
04-148343 MOBIL FEE Duval County
04-151204 CALLAGHAN RANCH Webb County
04-151530 CALLAGHAN RANCH Webb County
04-152598 MOBIL FEE Duval County
04-155860 GARCIA, CATARINO ET AL Zapata County
04-156582 GRACIA, CATARINO ET AL Zapata County
04-161587 CUELLAR Duval County
04-163146 TREVINO, ALBERT Zapata County
04-163315 GARZA, LAURO Zapata County
04-190868 TREVINO, ALBERT B Zapata County
04-193283 MALDONADO Hidalgo County
04-196287 CALLAGHAN RANCH A/C 2 Webb County
04-200408 ALONZO Zapata County
04-201157 I.E. HADDOCK, ET AL GAS UNIT B Hidalgo County
04-201158 HADOCK. I.E. GAS UNIT B Hidalgo County
04-201877 W.E. BEANE GAS UNIT 2 Hidalgo County
04-202153 I.E. HADDOCK, ET AL GAS UNIT B Hidalgo County
04-202883 HAYNES - EAST Zapata County
04-203506 I.E. HADDOCK, ET AL GAS UNIT B Hidalgo County
04-205378 CALLAGHAN RANCH Webb County
04-205986 CALLAGHAN RANCH Webb County
04-205991 CALLAGHAN RANCH Webb County
04-205993 CALLAGHAN RANCH Webb County
04-205996 CALLAGHAN RANCH Webb County
04-207572 W. E. BEANE GAS UNIT 2 Hidalgo County
04-208489 RANGEL Zapata County
04-209633 MUCHER, J ET AL Hidalgo County
04-209803 CALLAGHAN Webb County
04-210583 BLACK STONE MINERALS Hidalgo County
04-211521 CALLAGHAN RANCH Webb County
04-214042 MUCHER, J. Hidalgo County
04-214907 SHOVLIN VEHLE/MOORE "A" Duval County
04-217401 MOORE GAS UNIT B Duval County
04-218019 GONZALES BENAVIDES TRUST Zapata County
04-218816 SINGER Zapata County
04-220748 SHOVLIN VEHLE Duval County
04-235262 VIOLETA RANCH Zapata County
04-240372 TREVINO, ALBERTO Zapata County
04-242843 LOS MESQUITES Zapata County
04-245456 VIOLETA RANCH Zapata County
04-246147 LOS MESQUITES Zapata County
04-255385 CAGE RANCH 603 Brooks County
04-256123 TREVINO, ALBERTO Zapata County
04-257496 VIOLETA RANCH Zapata County
04-257500 URIBE, A. A. Zapata County
04-257501 VIOLETA RANCH Zapata County
04-258793 TREVINO, ALBERTO Zapata County
04-264918 VIOLETA RANCH Zapata County

Drilling Permits Filed by Denali Oil & Gas Management, LLC