Devon Energy Corporation(Nevada) Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Devon Energy Corporation(Nevada)
Map of Wells Operated by Devon Energy Corporation(Nevada)
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Leases Operated by Devon Energy Corporation(Nevada)

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-01628 JAMES, MARY L. ETAL Bexar County
01-02011 EASTWOOD, E. -B- Bexar County
01-161504 GUIDA ROSE Val Verde County
01-163603 GUIDA ROSE Val Verde County
08-00825 COWDEN, EMMA Ector County
08-01769 RALPH -A- Andrews County
08-04236 SELF Crane County
08-044781 HILL, DOROTHY Ward County
08-08714 FORD, H. M. -A- Andrews County
08-09082 UNIVERSITY -5- Andrews County
08-12835 LOWE & BITLER -C- A/C 2 Andrews County
08-15324 UNIVERSITY -Y- Crane County
08-15363 UNIVERSITY -Z- Crane County
08-157546 ABSHIER, MABEL UNIT Ward County
08-16700 WILKINSON "C" Martin County
08-16721 RASH Martin County
08-18014 WALTON, J. B. TRACT -A- Winkler County
08-18413 WALTON, J. B., TRACT -B- Winkler County
08-19435 CONNELL, W. E. Crane County
08-19476 HOGG, J. C. Winkler County
08-23405 GIST "32" Ector County
08-27105 HAWKINS-GRUBB Culberson County
08-28206 TXL-M- Ector County
08-28320 FORD,H.M. "A" Andrews County
08-28384 UNIVERSITY 11/SEC. 23/-B- Andrews County
08-29068 WHEAT RAMSEY -A- Loving County
08-31872 W. T. FORD DEEP Andrews County
08-32842 BONER DEEP Andrews County
08-33972 WORSHAM -C- Reeves County
08-34310 FSAU Andrews County
08-34959 ALLISON, B. T. Andrews County
09-02768 CAUGHEY, EARL Grayson County
09-02951 GODWIN, J. F. Grayson County
09-04797 RICH, BONNIE -A- Montague County
10-022335 LIPS, CHARLES -E- Roberts County
10-022336 LIPS, CHARLES -G- Roberts County
10-024650 ARIE Moore County
10-024676 MORTON B Moore County
10-024680 STRUNK Moore County
10-027264 ELGIN Moore County
10-027266 GILLESPIE Moore County
10-027386 ELMER Sherman County
10-027391 FOERSTERLING Sherman County
10-027397 HUDNER Sherman County
10-027398 HUDSON Sherman County
10-027416 PRYMECK Sherman County
10-027420 SPUR Sherman County
10-027421 SPURLOCK Sherman County
10-04812 WELLS OIL Moore County
10-055639 BOULWARE Moore County
10-056370 JONES, MARY Hemphill County
10-056820 CLARK Hemphill County
10-072545 NORRIS Hemphill County
10-077616 PARKS -1- Wheeler County
10-078496 CLARK Hemphill County
10-080513 PETREE Hemphill County
10-111119 NORRIS Hemphill County
10-112501 NORRIS -44- Hemphill County
10-114119 SAVAGE, BETTY -C- Hemphill County
10-124601 BUTCHER Hemphill County
10-136535 BOWERS Hemphill County
10-140040 NORRIS -44- Hemphill County
10-165222 BURNETT M Moore County
10-167816 HELTON 18 Wheeler County
10-173762 JINES, J. H. Ochiltree County
10-175074 BOWERS Hemphill County
7C-05640 ARRO FEE 21 Pecos County
7C-08107 CONNELL ESTATE Upton County
7C-08220 OBERHOLTZER Upton County
7C-09069 POWELL, VIRGIL J.TRACT "A" Schleicher County
7C-13015 PATTON Irion County
7C-13228 ARCO FEE "21" Pecos County
8A-10689 STORIE, S. C. Garza County
8A-12633 STORIE, S. C. Garza County
8A-15239 JONES, E. H. "N" Gaines County
8A-16746 CEDAR LAKE, SE. FIELD UNIT Dawson County
8A-60541 FOWLER, J. F. ET AL Dawson County
8A-62040 DAVIS Hockley County
8A-63547 HARRIS Dawson County
8A-64864 COVINGTON "B" Terry County

Drilling Permits Filed by Devon Energy Corporation(Nevada)