Devon Louisiana Corporation Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Devon Louisiana Corporation
Map of Wells Operated by Devon Louisiana Corporation
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Leases Operated by Devon Louisiana Corporation

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
02-144275 KUESTER DeWitt County
02-177060 KULAWIK DeWitt County
03-10451 WINDY HILL Madison County
03-15919 OSBORNE, G.J. Madison County
04-13240 FOSTER, J. R. Duval County
05-180428 HOMER KOONCE Freestone County
05-182249 PEYTON, MT GU1 Freestone County
05-202853 HILL, F.E. COMPANY Freestone County
06-017086 ABNEY, J. K. Harrison County
06-030014 BLEAKLEY, PAUL J. Panola County
06-058872 ABNEY, C.M. "B" Harrison County
06-088611 CUMMINGS Panola County
06-119500 CARGILL GAS UNIT Harrison County
06-127070 MARSH, T.D. Upshur County
06-127550 WILLIAMS-INGRAM Panola County
06-130215 TAYLOR, W.B. UNIT 'A' Harrison County
06-132436 BURTON, BILLIE JEAN Panola County
06-13447 ABNEY, J.K. Harrison County
06-13469 PIERCE, REUBEN Harrison County
06-14019 PIERCE, REUBEN Harrison County
06-143472 BELL GAS UNIT "A" Harrison County
06-145516 MCLOFFLIN GAS UNIT Harrison County
06-145825 TAYLOR, W.B. "A" Harrison County
06-150029 ABNEY, C.M. "A" Harrison County
06-150724 WASKOM-SMACKOVER UNIT Harrison County
06-154232 DAVIS, JIM ET AL Harrison County
06-162310 METCALF GAS UNIT Panola County
06-174262 ABNEY, C. M. "B" Harrison County
06-178829 TAYLOR, W. B. Harrison County
06-183912 JONES Shelby County
06-188708 BURTON, JOHN. W. Panola County
06-197150 PAGE. L.E. Panola County
06-198210 FENDER, H. R. Panola County
06-198211 SOUTHLAND PAPER COMPANY Panola County
06-198715 SOAPE, C.P. Panola County
06-199750 HUDSON, NELL Panola County
06-199756 DAVIS, A. L. Panola County
06-202091 DAVIS, A. L. Panola County
06-202321 MASON Panola County
06-202796 DAVIS, A. L. Panola County
06-203544 FENDER, H. R. Panola County
06-203621 HUDSON, NELL Panola County
06-203670 WILLIAMSON Panola County
06-204443 FRANKS ESTATE Shelby County
06-206189 CUMMINGS Panola County
06-206316 HUDSON, NELL Panola County
06-206317 HUDSON, NELL Panola County
06-206981 JONES Shelby County
06-207303 MASON Panola County
06-207758 WILLIAMSON Panola County
06-207834 WILLIAMSON Panola County
06-209230 WILLIAMSON Panola County
06-209727 BURTON, JOHN W. Panola County
06-209729 SOUTHLAND PAPER CO. Panola County
06-209775 HEBERT Panola County
06-210066 TOMPKINS Panola County
06-211758 DOWNER UNIT Harrison County
06-211902 CUMMINGS Panola County
08-07284 DURGIN, D. B. SEC. 15 Ward County
08-07291 YORK, J. F. TR. #3 Ward County
08-179261 WALLIN, H. C. Midland County
08-20078 YORK, J. F. Ward County
08-23086 MCELROY RANCH CO. "G" Crane County
08-24941 PRINCE-YORK Ward County
08-34648 WALLIN, H.C. Midland County
08-37102 LOUISA Midland County
10-054743 MATHERS RANCH Hemphill County
10-05769 CHAMBERS Roberts County
10-05811 MAHLER, FIELDS Roberts County
10-05902 CHAMBERS -A- Roberts County
10-06298 FLOWERS "B" Roberts County
10-165012 MATHERS UNIT Roberts County
10-213043 FLOWERS C Roberts County
7C-02590 MCELROY RANCH CO. -F- Upton County
7C-04049 ONEAL, B. J., ETAL Upton County
7C-04342 ONEAL, BILL JOHN, NE/4 SEC. 5 UN Upton County
7C-143739 MCELROY RANCH CO. "F" Upton County
7C-178089 MCELROY RANCH CO. "F" Upton County
8A-62006 BARTLETT, V. S. Dawson County

Drilling Permits Filed by Devon Louisiana Corporation