Dinero Oil Corporation Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Dinero Oil Corporation
Map of Wells Operated by Dinero Oil Corporation
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P O BOX 10739

Leases Operated by Dinero Oil Corporation

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
02-031295 MCNEILL, M. -C- Live Oak County
02-03133 BORROUM, ELLA, -B- Bee County
02-03193 MCNEILL, M. -C- Live Oak County
02-032713 MCNEILL, M. -C- Live Oak County
02-033435 FIELDER & JEFFERY Jackson County
02-034279 MCNEILL, M. -A- Live Oak County
02-03444 FOX, W. J. Refugio County
02-034527 MCNEILL, M. -A- Live Oak County
02-051442 FAGAN EST. -M- Refugio County
02-054618 FAGAN -L- Refugio County
02-05699 POWER HEIRS Goliad County
02-057185 DEMMER, GEORGE Refugio County
02-05777 WINSAUER, O.W. Bee County
02-058667 MEYER Jackson County
02-06243 TRULL, B. W. Refugio County
02-06492 HYNES, JAMIE -A- NCT-2 Refugio County
02-065680 DEMMER, GEORGE Refugio County
02-066470 MCNEILL, M. -A- Live Oak County
02-07362 SWICKHEIMER Goliad County
02-07546 FAGAN -M- Refugio County
02-090951 FAGAN -N- Refugio County
02-123551 FAGAN -M- Refugio County
02-130721 MCNEILL Live Oak County
02-131782 MCNEILL, MAGGIE Live Oak County
02-134121 FAGAN K Refugio County
02-134995 HYNES, JAMIE -A- NCT-5 Refugio County
02-137068 HYNES, JAMIE Refugio County
02-138302 KENTUCKY-FAGAN Refugio County
02-140963 MCNEILL, M. -B- Live Oak County
04-013304 BEVLY Nueces County
04-013305 BEVLY Nueces County
04-013311 MCLEROY, G. H. Nueces County
04-013337 BOCKHOLT, JOE Nueces County
04-013346 MCLEROY, G. H. Nueces County
04-042271 HUTCHINS, KATHERINE Nueces County
04-043027 DONIGAN, V. M. -D- Nueces County
04-045389 FLORES, FEBRONIO Hidalgo County
04-045579 FLORES, FEBRONIO Hidalgo County
04-04570 DIMMICK San Patricio County
04-046013 COOPWOOD, EVA Jim Wells County
04-047073 FLORES, FEBRONIO Hidalgo County
04-04984 JACKSON, MILTON San Patricio County
04-06167 KEETON FRIO UNIT San Patricio County
04-06420 LAWRENCE -A- Nueces County
04-06578 SMITH, F. J., -B- Nueces County
04-06614 LAWRENCE Nueces County
04-066246 LAWRENCE-HARRELL Nueces County
04-066996 CHANDLER San Patricio County
04-06711 DUGGER-LOPEZ Nueces County
04-06773 CRYER, M. C. San Patricio County
04-08188 FLORES, J. Z. Starr County
04-082307 COOK,A.D. Jim Wells County
04-082561 WOSTAL, JACOB Jim Wells County
04-082844 GALLAGHER, J. W. Nueces County
04-083253 ANGELITA GAS UNIT San Patricio County
04-083805 LINCOLN NATIONAL BANK Duval County
04-084777 FEE Nueces County
04-084974 FREEBORN, SIDNEY ET AL Jim Wells County
04-08568 DIMMICK San Patricio County
04-09708 KING RANCH, INC. Kleberg County
04-09748 DUNN GAS UNIT Jim Wells County
04-097991 LINCOLN NATIONAL Duval County
04-099183 MCKINZIE UNIT Nueces County
04-09933 LINCOLN NATIONAL Duval County
04-09968 KING RANCH, INC. Kleberg County
04-10032 MCCAMPBELL San Patricio County
04-11424 SMITH, F.J. Nueces County
04-114843 KAISER, OLGA Duval County
04-117010 HUNTER, FLORENCE San Patricio County
04-117299 OCKER BROTHERS Aransas County
04-11832 HUNTER San Patricio County
04-11856 DONIGAN Nueces County
04-11922 ISENSEE, T. H. Nueces County
04-12210 DIMMICK San Patricio County
04-153503 HUNTER, FLORENCE San Patricio County
04-155377 SMITH, F.J. Nueces County
04-162428 DIMMICK San Patricio County
04-169530 SMITH, F.J. Nueces County
04-170317 KING RANCH INC. Kleberg County
04-170804 ERIGAN-QUIROZ Nueces County

Drilling Permits Filed by Dinero Oil Corporation