DORLAND, D. L. ESTATE OF Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By DORLAND, D. L. ESTATE OF
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Leases Operated by DORLAND, D. L. ESTATE OF

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Total Oil Production
Total Gas Production
08-13460 CLAY, H. R. Howard
08-08680 CLAY, H. R. -A- Howard
08-20874 DOUTHITT Howard
08-12536 EDWARDS, M. M. Howard
08-25803 EDWARDS, M. M. -F- Howard
08-31630 EDWARDS, M. M. -F- Howard
08-26968 EDWARDS, M. M. -GH- Howard
08-27239 EDWARDS, M. M. -GH- Howard
08-15155 EDWARDS, M. M., -D- Howard
08-24542 EDWARDS, M.M. Howard
08-23327 EDWARDS, M.M. "A" Howard
08-25177 EDWARDS, M.M. -C- Howard
08-17466 HOOKS, A. J. Howard
08-08963 M. H. O'DANIEL # 12 Howard
08-06218 ODANIEL -B- Howard
08-06192 ODANIEL, O. D. Howard
08-20756 ROBERTS, DORA Howard
08-20259 ROBERTS, DORA -C- Glasscock
08-10445 SETTLES, W. R. -A- Howard
08-06220 SP TXL "A" Howard
08-16546 TXL -B- Howard
08-14958 WESTEX-EDWARDS -B- Howard
08-15119 WESTEX-EDWARDS -C- Howard

Drilling Permits Filed by DORLAND, D. L. ESTATE OF