Dyco Petroleum Corporation Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Dyco Petroleum Corporation
Map of Wells Operated by Dyco Petroleum Corporation
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Leases Operated by Dyco Petroleum Corporation

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
02-061827 NEUHAUS, H. E. ET AL Lavaca County
02-117657 NEUHAUS, H. E. Lavaca County
03-064985 CESSNA, O.C. Liberty County
03-068001 DYCO-HAMILL-MCDONALD UNIT Liberty County
03-069042 PRICE, J. E. Brazoria County
03-074671 WITMER-PRICE Brazoria County
03-075649 DYCO-HAMILL-MCDONALD UNIT Liberty County
03-077691 SWD Liberty County
03-103259 DYCO HAMILL MCDONALD Liberty County
03-11926 CESSNA, O. C. Liberty County
06-05834 PATILLO, MAE Harrison County
06-05836 MEDINE Harrison County
06-05839 BROWN,WINSTON Harrison County
06-064867 PATILLO,MAE Harrison County
06-065261 BROWN,WINSTON Harrison County
06-066338 MEDINE Harrison County
08-073669 CALDWELL STATE Reeves County
10-04083 NEIDENS Ochiltree County
10-04134 JINES Ochiltree County
10-04473 CAMPBELL Hemphill County
10-04639 MASON Ochiltree County
10-04846 CLEVELAND Hemphill County
10-05073 CAPERTON Wheeler County
10-05074 HICKEY UNIT Hemphill County
10-05115 KAMAS Ochiltree County
10-05275 CAPERTON Wheeler County
10-06045 HALL Hemphill County
10-06055 HURN Ochiltree County
10-06143 SCHOENHALS Ochiltree County
10-06198 PLETCHER Ochiltree County
10-062014 BORN Lipscomb County
10-06224 CAMPBELL, J. W. Hemphill County
10-06316 HURN Ochiltree County
10-072185 HOBART RANCH Hemphill County
10-078336 TIPPS Wheeler County
10-078913 CAMPBELL, J. W. Hemphill County
10-087884 MAXWELL UNIT Wheeler County
10-091415 HARDIN Hemphill County
10-102173 SIMPSON LEVITT Hemphill County
10-103598 MEADOWS Hemphill County
10-121599 COLTHARP Wheeler County
10-124254 SINGLETON FARMS Hemphill County
10-124640 HURN Ochiltree County
10-124854 ABRAHAM, J. Hemphill County
10-125709 HURN Ochiltree County
10-128138 SINGLETON FARMS Hemphill County
10-130818 TEXAS STRIP Wheeler County
7B-064953 SWANN "A" Jones County
7B-12873 SWANN SAM Jones County
7B-12893 BEARD Jones County
7B-12955 MURFEE Jones County
7B-12959 DOUGLAS Jones County
7B-13005 SWANN SAM Jones County
7B-13484 MURFEE Jones County
7B-13498 BEARD Jones County
7B-14596 WAGSTAFF-ESTES Fisher County
7B-16622 SWANN "A" Jones County
8A-054798 KEMPSON-WITT Hockley County
8A-055137 CUNNINGHAM Hockley County
8A-078584 MIXON Hockley County
8A-14880 LAFON, W. E., ETAL Cochran County
8A-15529 ROBB -A- Cochran County
8A-61598 LAMB, FRANK Borden County
8A-61926 MASTEN
8A-62368 LOCKETT Hockley County
8A-64829 MIXON Hockley County

Drilling Permits Filed by Dyco Petroleum Corporation