E.G. Operating Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By E.G. Operating
Map of Wells Operated by E.G. Operating
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Leases Operated by E.G. Operating

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
03-073111 HILLBOLDT Austin County
03-14971 GUELKER UNIT Lee County
03-154800 DIXON, LOMA Colorado County
03-15750 SCHULTZ UNIT Brazos County
04-151418 DELUNA GAS UNIT Brooks County
09-24561 CRAWFORD ENERGY-BROWN "A" Hardeman County
09-28953 BROWN - 62 Hardeman County
09-29101 NEAL 2 Hardeman County
10-048267 TRAVIS Lipscomb County
7B-02005 BOWDRY, R. A. Fisher County
7B-069342 MCINTOSH D. Hood County
7B-069574 MCINTOSH D. Hood County
7B-071136 MARSHALL-LOFTIN TRACT 4 Hood County
7B-071137 MARSHALL-LOFTIN TRACT 2 Hood County
7B-071329 BRATTEN RANCH Hood County
7B-071330 FAULKNER, K. H. Hood County
7B-072356 BRATTEN RANCH Hood County
7B-072737 NELSON, D. Hood County
7B-073094 WEST, F. Hood County
7B-074055 CRAVENS Hood County
7B-074867 MCINTOSH, L. Hood County
7B-075617 NIX, T. H. Hood County
7B-077155 WEST, F. Hood County
7B-077364 PEVELER, M. Hood County
7B-078516 WILLIAMS Parker County
7B-078628 WIGGINS Hood County
7B-078928 BRATTEN RANCH Hood County
7B-079128 RANDALL Hood County
7B-079132 CRAVENS Hood County
7B-079588 NELON "B" Hood County
7B-083636 WIGGINS Hood County
7B-087207 DAVIS "A" Somervell County
7B-087517 FRENCH Somervell County
7B-093534 PEVELER, M. Hood County
7B-099648 LAWRENCE, W. L. "A" Callahan County
7B-114809 BLACK RANCH Hood County
7B-114810 BLACK RANCH Hood County
7B-114812 BLACK RANCH Hood County
7B-123000 BLACK RANCH Hood County
7B-125301 LOKEY Hood County
7B-125544 BLACK RANCH Hood County
7B-125545 LOKEY Hood County
7B-125938 LOKEY Parker County
7B-134843 ADDISON-PERKINS Parker County
7B-139232 SCHOMERS Hood County
7B-140101 LOWDEN, R. R. Hood County
7B-142122 ADDISON Parker County
7B-143674 MCDOWELL, H.W. "A" Somervell County
7B-143750 GUPTON-ADDISON Parker County
7B-143751 ADDISON-TARPON Parker County
7B-143752 MARTIN-MOSS Parker County
7B-143760 KAUFFMAN Hood County
7B-143761 KAUFFMAN Hood County
7B-144543 MARTIN-MOSS Parker County
7B-144590 WILLINGHAM Parker County
7B-146298 DIAMOND M #4 Parker County
7B-147090 BLACK RANCH Hood County
7B-147510 BLACK RANCH Hood County
7B-155412 ADDISON, D. Hood County
7B-156976 BLACK RANCH Hood County
7B-158039 BLACK RANCH Hood County
7B-158040 BLACK RANCH Hood County
7B-158348 BLACK RANCH Hood County
7B-17802 WINDHAM, F. Callahan County
7B-22809 HEMPHILL C Coleman County
7B-25696 GRAHAM, JAMES F. Taylor County
7B-27839 DIEDRICH-WOLFF Fisher County
7C-08393 JONES, J.H. (BATTERY NO 1) Runnels County
7C-091770 HARRIS Runnels County
7C-091917 COLLOM Runnels County
7C-09382 JONES, J.H.(BATTERY NO. 2) Runnels County
7C-113082 HENDERSON, LADD 13 Crockett County
7C-116475 HENDERSON, LADD 13 Crockett County
8A-05204 JONES, EDWARD H. "C" Gaines County
8A-16268 WILLIAMS-MABRY Yoakum County
8A-62602 HICKS Yoakum County
8A-64904 RUSHING, J. A. SR. ET AL Terry County
8A-64907 BRITT Dawson County
8A-65485 NORRIS Dawson County
8A-65843 WEBB Yoakum County

Drilling Permits Filed by E.G. Operating