Eagleridge Operating, LLC Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Eagleridge Operating, LLC
Map of Wells Operated by Eagleridge Operating, LLC
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P O BOX 191447
DALLAS, TX 75219

(214) 295-6704

Leases Operated by Eagleridge Operating, LLC

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
09-191995 MAYDAY-MASON UNIT Denton County
09-194032 SMITH-YORLUM UNIT Denton County
09-195171 SMITH-YORLUM UNIT Denton County
09-197242 UNDERWOOD-BREEN Denton County
09-197394 CATES-STAR Wise County
09-199511 ACME BRICK "D" Denton County
09-200340 SPRINGSIDE-A Denton County
09-205440 MAYDAY-MASON UNIT Denton County
09-209838 FORTENBERRY, CHARLOTTE Denton County
09-216209 MAYDAY-UNT Denton County
09-216210 UNDERWOOD-BREEN Denton County
09-228199 NORTON, E. E. UNIT Wise County
09-229906 MAYDAY-UNT Denton County
09-231702 MADDOX UNIT Parker County
09-231897 WALKER, FLOYD UNIT Tarrant County
09-236187 CARTER TRUST Tarrant County
09-237674 BUCHANAN Wise County
09-238575 ALBERTSONS UNIT Tarrant County
09-238655 DAGGETT, W. H. B-1 Wise County
09-241327 SPRINGSIDE B Denton County
09-245200 SPRINGWOOD UNIT Johnson County
09-245203 SPRINGWOOD UNIT Johnson County
09-248134 REMMELE Wise County
09-248258 D.C.C. Denton County
09-252380 CARLTON UNIT Ellis County
09-252629 CITY OF DENTON - AIRPORT Denton County
09-252633 CITY OF DENTON - AIRPORT Denton County
09-252754 PADDOCK Denton County
09-253594 HARBOUR VIEW Tarrant County
09-254731 GREEN UNIT Hood County
09-255603 MERRITT UNIT Hood County
09-255728 BALES-GRIFFIN UNIT Parker County
09-259129 DAGGETT, W. H. A-2 Wise County
09-259130 GREEN UNIT Hood County
09-259327 TRIMBLE UNIT Tarrant County
09-260292 DR. BOB SMITH B EAST Denton County
09-260335 DR. BOB SMITH C WEST Denton County
09-260357 HARBOUR VIEW Tarrant County
09-261052 HARBOUR VIEW Tarrant County
09-263102 CLEMENS Parker County
09-263259 CLEMENS Parker County
09-264061 CHEN UNIT A Denton County
09-265505 REED MITCHELL UNIT Tarrant County
09-266512 CARTER TRUST UNIT Tarrant County
09-266866 GREEN UNIT Hood County
09-267949 ACE UNIT A Denton County
09-267950 ACE UNIT D Denton County
09-270412 MARTIN C (SA) Cooke County
09-270717 CLARK UNIT Montague County
09-270718 CLARK UNIT Montague County
09-270720 MARTIN (SA) Montague County
09-270766 MARTIN C (SA) Cooke County
09-272689 RAYZOR WEST GAS UNIT #5H Denton County
09-272870 OXER UNIT Parker County
09-273100 MAYDAY-MASON UNIT Denton County
09-273577 RAYZOR WEST GAS UNIT #5H Denton County
09-273627 BOWIE-WINGATE (SA) Montague County
09-273936 HAYES B UNIT Montague County
09-274141 BOWIE-WINGATE (SA) Montague County
09-274416 RAYZOR WEST GAS UNIT 12H Denton County
09-274427 MAYDAY-MASON UNIT Denton County
09-274980 RAYZOR WEST GAS UNIT 12H Denton County
09-275265 BROWNING B UNIT Montague County
09-275601 RAYZOR WEST GAS UNIT 12H Denton County
09-276020 OXER UNIT Parker County
09-276104 WEST GRANBURY UNIT Hood County
09-276218 MCCALL A UNIT Montague County
09-277128 ACME BRICK D UNIT Denton County
09-280479 CATES PARTNER UNIT Denton County
09-281413 RUTHERFORD, BENNIE D. Wise County
09-30473 AUDUBON Wise County
09-30803 WHITESIDE Cooke County
09-30832 WALTER, M. C. Montague County
09-33251 GRIBBLE UNIT D Cooke County
09-33296 SKINNER Wise County
09-33411 J&L COZART Jack County
09-33526 LEWIS-STUART B2 UNIT Montague County
09-33540 LEWIS-STUART B1 UNIT Montague County
09-33566 LEWIS-STUART F3 UNIT Montague County
7B-31631 RANGER Stephens County

Drilling Permits Filed by Eagleridge Operating, LLC