East Texas Production MGT. Inc Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By East Texas Production MGT. Inc
Map of Wells Operated by East Texas Production MGT. Inc
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BOX 831
ATHENS, TX 75751

Leases Operated by East Texas Production MGT. Inc

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-10616 PECK Gonzales County
01-11931 BILLIE ANN Bastrop County
01-11971 STEGLICH, J. C. Bastrop County
01-12128 WHITLEY Bastrop County
02-063894 RATLIFF, GENE -C- Jackson County
02-094863 DAHLSTROM Jackson County
02-119555 RATLIFF Jackson County
02-129060 RATLIFF Jackson County
02-147360 RATLIFF Jackson County
02-148848 RATLIFF Jackson County
02-150131 RATLIFF Jackson County
02-150732 MEYER, H. Jackson County
03-00344 BALL, CARRIE BAUGH Montgomery County
03-00345 FITCH, MARY LOUISE Montgomery County
03-00353 SHUGART, CURTIS LEE Montgomery County
03-00354 BENDER ESTATE -A- Montgomery County
03-00355 CRAWFORD-ALEXANDER UNIT Montgomery County
03-00360 HILLIARD-HOLMES UNIT Montgomery County
03-032164 BENDER ESTATE A Montgomery County
03-035313 HILLIARD Y-2 GAS UNIT Montgomery County
03-036327 MOSSY GROVE GAS UNIT #1 Walker County
03-04653 BENDER ESTATE -C- Montgomery County
03-085504 GOODYKOONTZ, W.W. Harris County
03-087469 GOODYGOONTZ "A" Harris County
03-11326 SO. TEX. DEV. -A- Montgomery County
03-11715 HARRIS, IDA Montgomery County
03-120756 TURNER Harris County
03-13024 GOODYKOONTZ "A" Harris County
03-131960 TYRA, LEWIS Montgomery County
03-14589 WARD-HILLMAN UNIT Leon County
03-15484 PENNZOIL FEE Harris County
03-15722 CALDWELL, C.W. Brazos County
03-16327 GOODYKOONTZ, W.W. "B" Harris County
03-16609 CITIZENS STATE BANK UNIT Harris County
03-17212 MILAM Brazos County
03-18700 JOHN IVY UNIT Harris County
03-20197 DOCKINS, JIMMIE ET UX Montgomery County
03-20493 DOCKINS, JIMMIE ET UX Montgomery County
03-20809 BENDER ESTATE "A" Montgomery County
03-20910 GOODYKOONTZ W. W. Harris County
03-21573 JAMES S. TOMPKINS UNIT 1 Harris County
03-23361 NEBLETT Grimes County
04-043572 WEAKLY Kenedy County
05-02824 HOSANNAH Limestone County
05-02851 CRAWFORD Limestone County
05-03014 HANOVER, MARGURITE Robertson County
06-04683 ERISMAN, F. Wood County
06-05371 BAGWELL, J. S. ETAL UNIT Franklin County
06-05398 BAGWELL, J. S. -A- Franklin County
06-05782 MURPHY Smith County
06-10189 DOBBS, DEWITT Wood County
06-10365 DOBBS, DEWITT Wood County
06-11031 ERISMAN, F. R. Wood County
06-11361 YANTIS FIELD UNIT Wood County
06-119805 BEARD, O. UNIT Smith County
06-12099 CROSSMAN, P. Cherokee County
06-12128 SMITH TRUST Franklin County
06-126761 MURPHY Smith County
06-12852 CROSSMAN, P. "A" Cherokee County
06-13122 MOLANDES, RONALD Anderson County
06-13198 RAY, WILLIAM ET AL Anderson County
06-132267 MURPHY Smith County
06-13537 CROSSMAN, P. Cherokee County
06-13642 GEORGIA Anderson County
06-13735 CHRIS Cherokee County
06-166373 MARY BETH Nacogdoches County
06-169591 CHRIS Cherokee County
6E-06313 LANDERS, C. C. (1844) Upshur County
6E-06521 CRIM, LOU DELLA Gregg County
6E-06571 LAIRD, J. H. Gregg County
6E-06592 COSBY Gregg County
7B-23695 LUCAS, W.R. "B" Brown County
7B-24071 LUCAS, W.R. "A" Brown County
7B-24211 SHORE Brown County
7B-24507 NEWTON "B" Brown County
7B-24689 LUCAS, W.R. Brown County
7B-25727 LUCAS, W.R. "C" Brown County
7B-25917 GRAHAM HEIRS Taylor County

Drilling Permits Filed by East Texas Production MGT. Inc