Eastland Operating, L.L.C. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Eastland Operating, L.L.C.
Map of Wells Operated by Eastland Operating, L.L.C.
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RANGER, TX 76470

(254) 647-5181

Leases Operated by Eastland Operating, L.L.C.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
7B-078758 ADDISON, R. W. Erath County
7B-078819 V. TIPTON Erath County
7B-078826 MORRIS Erath County
7B-084174 CALLOWAY, E. A. Erath County
7B-084175 HAMMOND, E.R. Erath County
7B-084176 YOUNG Erath County
7B-098259 HEATHINGTON UNIT Comanche County
7B-105988 HAGAMAN (SOUTH) Eastland County
7B-106633 BALKUM-GINGO "B" Callahan County
7B-110685 TURNER, G. H. Eastland County
7B-110806 REYNOLDS UNIT Eastland County
7B-113737 WALKER, NANIE-ESTATE Eastland County
7B-113919 EISON Comanche County
7B-114231 DAVIS UNIT Comanche County
7B-115492 HAGAMAN (SOUTH) Eastland County
7B-115619 SWINT Comanche County
7B-115620 LINDLEY, W. W. Comanche County
7B-115622 LINDLEY, W.W. Comanche County
7B-115623 LINDLEY, W.W. Comanche County
7B-116920 GERMANY "B" Eastland County
7B-118750 HODGES Eastland County
7B-118751 HODGES Eastland County
7B-120886 WAGNER Eastland County
7B-120887 WAGNER Eastland County
7B-122438 GORDON, W. K. Eastland County
7B-122439 GORDON, W.K. Eastland County
7B-122441 HAGAMAN (SOUTH) Eastland County
7B-122453 ABBOTT-REYNOLDS Eastland County
7B-122789 MUNNERLYN Stephens County
7B-122791 SATTERWHITE Stephens County
7B-122792 RAGLIN "A" Stephens County
7B-122793 RAGLIN "A" Stephens County
7B-124074 HARRISON Eastland County
7B-125396 CARROLL Eastland County
7B-125397 CARROLL Eastland County
7B-125398 CARROLL Eastland County
7B-125637 STOKES, W.D. Comanche County
7B-125638 STOKES,W.D. Comanche County
7B-12576 SPEER, A.C. Stephens County
7B-12684 SWENSON RANCH Stephens County
7B-12743 SWENSON RANCH B Stephens County
7B-12772 SWENSON RANCH -C- Stephens County
7B-127907 WILLIAMSON HOMEPLACE Eastland County
7B-133170 SQUIRES Eastland County
7B-134347 CAPPS Eastland County
7B-137868 TANKERSLY (WEST) Eastland County
7B-137873 TANKERSLY (WEST) Eastland County
7B-137877 TANKERSLY (WEST) Eastland County
7B-138014 TURNER Eastland County
7B-138015 CARROLL Eastland County
7B-138331 HAGAMAN (SOUTH) Eastland County
7B-14815 SMITH, C. Callahan County
7B-148649 HAYNES "A" Comanche County
7B-148794 FRASIER Comanche County
7B-152254 HAGAMAN (SOUTH) Eastland County
7B-152255 HAGAMAN (SOUTH) Eastland County
7B-15366 STANFORD II Stephens County
7B-15572 POUNDS, WENDELL Comanche County
7B-156548 MUNNERLYN Stephens County
7B-157473 HARRIS-LANGFORD Stephens County
7B-16434 WOLFE Callahan County
7B-16951 HODGES, G. Comanche County
7B-17003 LANGE,H.C. Eastland County
7B-171040 HILL Stephens County
7B-174634 THOMPSON Comanche County
7B-174636 THOMPSON Comanche County
7B-19395 NORRIS Eastland County
7B-20948 KEITH Comanche County
7B-20951 COAN Comanche County
7B-22528 REICH "A" Eastland County
7B-22752 KOLP Eastland County
7B-22987 TOLLE Stephens County
7B-27284 HIGGINBOTHAM Eastland County
7B-27346 HAGAMAN (SOUTH) Eastland County
7B-273517 HAYNES "A" Comanche County
7B-281358 HODGES, G. Comanche County
7B-28443 FLETCHER LAKE SAND UNIT Stephens County
7B-29839 GRIDER Callahan County
7B-31789 NORRIS Eastland County
7B-32064 KNOX B Stephens County

Drilling Permits Filed by Eastland Operating, L.L.C.