Eland Energy, Inc. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Eland Energy, Inc.
Map of Wells Operated by Eland Energy, Inc.
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DALLAS, TX 75248

(214) 368-6100

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Leases Operated by Eland Energy, Inc.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-04205 BYERLY, RADFORD Dimmit County
02-00896 SCHERFFIUS Jackson County
02-02278 TEN CATE Jackson County
02-02324 SCHERFFIUS Jackson County
02-03433 MARBERRY Refugio County
02-04871 TEN CATE Jackson County
02-051339 ALTMAN, F. L. DeWitt County
02-052268 BRAUNE DeWitt County
02-053901 BUESING, WILLIE ET AL DeWitt County
02-061382 SCHLOSSER UNIT DeWitt County
02-064644 OEHLKE DeWitt County
02-064645 OEHLKE DeWitt County
03-11401 ARCO FEE -B- Jasper County
03-115436 PERRY, ALPH. E. Lee County
03-12443 PRICE, J. Brazoria County
03-12789 ARCO FEE "B" Jasper County
03-137752 DOROTIK, JEROME Wharton County
03-183996 PRYOR TRUST Wharton County
03-25372 ARCO-DONAHO Newton County
04-03170 ROSEMARY Duval County
04-03171 HOFFMAN -Z- Duval County
04-055115 MCKAMEY -B- San Patricio County
04-056002 MCKAMEY -B- San Patricio County
04-058555 MCKAMEY -B- San Patricio County
04-058992 MCKAMEY -B- San Patricio County
04-06433 MARSHALL BROS. Brooks County
04-070575 CAGE RANCH Brooks County
04-071518 MCKAMEY B-2 UNIT San Patricio County
04-072757 YOAKAM Duval County
04-08437 HOFFMAN -K- Duval County
04-110370 MCKAMEY "B" San Patricio County
04-111739 MCKAMEY B San Patricio County
04-11665 MARSHALL BROS. Brooks County
04-132891 MARSHALL BROS. Brooks County
04-132892 MARSHALL BROS. Brooks County
04-168698 MCKAMEY B-2 UNIT San Patricio County
04-249555 MCKAMEY B-2 UNIT San Patricio County
05-109121 FOSTER, B. G. Van Zandt County
05-118039 COX, AVA ETAL Van Zandt County
06-11222 WALTON, DAVIS Smith County
06-115306 CHERRY GAS UNIT Rusk County
06-11646 PHILIPS-BONNVILLE Smith County
06-11798 WHITE HEIRS Harrison County
08-48180 SEALY SMITH Ward County
08-50994 SEALY SUN Winkler County
09-02549 MOONEY ESTATE Cooke County
09-02566 MOONEY ESTATE Cooke County
09-03227 SHELBURNE, M. Grayson County
09-03231 WEBB, GOLDIE Grayson County
09-03237 ANDERSON, E. C. -A- Grayson County
09-03239 ANDERSON, E. C. -A- Grayson County
09-08752 YOUNGER, RUTH Grayson County
09-09800 CHUMBLEY, GLADYS ETAL Grayson County
09-11127 SADLER /PENN./ FIELD UNIT Grayson County
09-15577 MOONEY ESTATE Cooke County
09-18851 ANDERSON-YOUNGER OIL UNIT Grayson County
7B-14659 ELIASVILLE WEST (CADDO) UNIT Stephens County
7B-15029 VEALE-PARKS (CADDO) UNIT Stephens County
7B-28561 VEALE PARKS Stephens County
7C-02065 EL TEX Crockett County
7C-02066 SHANNON, M. A. EST. Crockett County
7C-12252 CHADBOURNE -19- Runnels County
7C-12459 CHADBOURNE "14" Runnels County
7C-12607 SHANNON ESTATE "AC" Crockett County
7C-12826 VANDEVANTER Crockett County
7C-12859 CHADBOURNE RANCH TRACT 19 Runnels County
7C-12937 SHANNON "D" Crockett County
8A-63388 TAYLOR Dawson County
8A-63952 MICHIE, J. M. Dawson County
8A-64035 JETER Dawson County
8A-64335 NOWELL Dawson County
8A-65133 NOWELL "A" Dawson County
8A-65382 LOVE Dawson County
8A-65438 GRISSOM Dawson County
8A-65480 LOVE "A" Dawson County
8A-65498 JETER "A" Dawson County
8A-65812 STRICKLIN Dawson County
8A-65987 STRICKLIN 2 Dawson County

Drilling Permits Filed by Eland Energy, Inc.