Elk Meadows Resources LLC Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Elk Meadows Resources LLC
Map of Wells Operated by Elk Meadows Resources LLC
Contact Information
Company Name:

700 N PEARL ST STE N2120
DALLAS, TX 75201

(214) 389-5811

Leases Operated by Elk Meadows Resources LLC

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
04-07458 TREVINO, E. Starr County
08-47513 LOGSDON, C.W. Andrews County
08-47837 J. D. BILES 12E Andrews County
8A-68997 BILES, J. D. Andrews County
8A-70363 J. D. BILES 2 Gaines County
8A-70364 GOEN Andrews County
8A-70390 J. D. BILES 9 Andrews County
8A-70479 BARROW 8C Andrews County
8A-70588 GOEN 22E Gaines County
8A-70589 GOEN 19C Gaines County
8A-70590 J. D. BILES 2C Gaines County
8A-70591 GOEN 23E Gaines County
8A-70645 BARROW 15C Andrews County
8A-70646 GIEBEL 5W Gaines County
8A-70850 GOEN 222C Andrews County
8A-70976 J. D. BILES 912W Andrews County

Drilling Permits Filed by Elk Meadows Resources LLC