Elliott Oil & Gas Company Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Elliott Oil & Gas Company
Map of Wells Operated by Elliott Oil & Gas Company
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Leases Operated by Elliott Oil & Gas Company

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
02-05843 BOLDT DeWitt County
02-06736 KESELING, FRANCIS B. DeWitt County
02-068286 BOYCE, W. W. Goliad County
02-07943 KOLODZEY Goliad County
02-107517 WELDER JOHN J. Bee County
02-108299 WELDER, JOHN J. Bee County
02-118656 BOEHM-MONTGOMERY Goliad County
02-126536 SEIFERT Goliad County
02-131334 HAUSMANN UNIT Goliad County
02-135668 KOLODZEY Goliad County
02-136022 SEIFERT Goliad County
02-147251 BOYCE, W.W. Goliad County
02-156610 PUTNAM, C. Victoria County
02-160107 KESELING, FRANCIS B. DeWitt County
03-00102 HARRIS, W.C. ET AL Brazoria County
03-06656 STODDARD -A- Matagorda County
03-068128 HOUSTON FF Brazoria County
03-073262 DEVILLIER, O. C. ET AL Chambers County
03-079593 BOLEN, MARTIN A. Harris County
03-079594 BOLEN, MARTIN A. Harris County
03-079620 KREY, LAURA L. Harris County
03-08119 GARDINER Brazoria County
03-090764 PINE VILLAGE UNIT Harris County
03-093462 NORWOOD, F.C. UNIT Harris County
03-095910 TRI WALLINDER Brazoria County
03-10126 MARSHALL - BLUM UNIT Harris County
03-105238 BROOK, M.I. 8100' GAS UNIT Harris County
03-109819 DURAND, LUCILLE Jefferson County
03-11004 BORSODI Brazoria County
03-12443 PRICE, J. Brazoria County
03-136309 HOUSTON -A- Brazoria County
03-13685 STODDARD "A" Matagorda County
03-13699 PINE VILLAGE UNIT Harris County
03-138339 I. P. FARMS "C" Brazoria County
03-138468 FARMS, I. P. Brazoria County
03-138664 KEMPERS Montgomery County
03-140487 TY-TEX Chambers County
03-140615 TRI-WALLINDER Brazoria County
03-14172 WILLIAMS, O'BUNION Fort Bend County
03-142143 MBANK Liberty County
03-14471 BLEZINGER, A.J. ET AL Austin County
03-145127 HOUSTON "A" Brazoria County
03-145600 TURNBOW Austin County
03-152689 FARMS, I. P. Brazoria County
03-157295 ANDRAU Brazoria County
03-157663 BROUSSARD Jefferson County
03-158232 I. P. FARMS PA Brazoria County
03-160564 ANDRAU Brazoria County
03-160813 ANDRAU Brazoria County
03-161224 FARMS, I.P. "C" Brazoria County
03-161874 PRICE, J. Brazoria County
03-162267 HUFFMAN, V. S. Brazoria County
03-162750 IP FARMS PRUD Brazoria County
03-163152 HSR E. COOPER Chambers County
03-16551 KENWOOD UNIT Harris County
03-16593 LEWIS-MCDONALD Matagorda County
03-166128 FARMS, I. P. Brazoria County
03-168629 FARMS, I. P. Brazoria County
03-181539 FARMS, I. P. Brazoria County
03-19014 PRICE, J.E. Brazoria County
03-20997 STATE TRACT 361 Harris County
03-21360 I. P. FARMS "M" Brazoria County
03-21468 TY-TEX Chambers County
03-21726 MCKELVY Brazoria County
03-21920 CARROLL, W.M. ESTATE Jefferson County
03-21961 E. SCHROEDER UNIT Austin County
03-22055 SCHROEDER, A. Austin County
03-22117 VINCENT, ALEC Jefferson County
03-22286 BULLARD/STROUHAL Brazoria County
03-22400 HUFFMAN, V.S. Brazoria County
03-22611 SCHROEDER, A. Austin County
03-22686 GRUBBS Brazoria County
03-22707 MILLER Colorado County
03-22712 ANDRAU, WILLIAM ET AL Brazoria County
03-23056 HOUSTON "M" Brazoria County
03-23978 I.P. FARMS STAN A Brazoria County
04-185900 TREVINO Zapata County
04-186219 TREVINO Zapata County
04-192785 TREVINO Zapata County
04-197457 TREVINO Zapata County

Drilling Permits Filed by Elliott Oil & Gas Company