Enserch Exploration, Inc Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Enserch Exploration, Inc
Map of Wells Operated by Enserch Exploration, Inc
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Leases Operated by Enserch Exploration, Inc

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-087779 URBANCZYK GU 2 Atascosa County
01-108341 TOM "A" GU 2 Atascosa County
01-133618 TOM "A" GU 2 Atascosa County
02-096320 SMOLIK, ALBERT Lavaca County
02-101678 SMOLIK, ALBERT Lavaca County
02-135076 BABER Lavaca County
03-131991 NAISER, J.E. ESTATE Wharton County
03-133377 NAISER, J. E. ESTATE Wharton County
04-108453 VERGARA 1674 Webb County
04-114352 ALLEY Webb County
04-117459 VERGARA 1679-W Webb County
04-134021 GRUY ESTATE Duval County
05-015623 OGU (HOWELL, W. Y. -1) Henderson County
05-03165 WELLS, GRACE "A" Henderson County
05-033333 DODSON, ROY Henderson County
05-033875 OGU (INGRAM, M.W. -1) Henderson County
05-034945 TCGU8 (BAKER, J.D. -1) Henderson County
05-035172 OGU (MALONE, G.W. -1) Henderson County
05-038724 TCGU7 (LEOPARD, L.L. "A" -2) Henderson County
05-040254 OGU (ALLYN, C. H. -3) Henderson County
05-054993 TCGU7 (LEOPARD, C.W. -2) Henderson County
05-068964 TCGU1 (DOSSER, W.J. -1) Henderson County
05-088613 OGU (TULLOS, J. W. A-2) Henderson County
05-089645 HULL, EFFIE MAE Leon County
05-093787 MARTIN #1 GAS UNIT Robertson County
05-096327 MITCHELL, J. H. I Robertson County
05-102496 OGU (MCGEE, S. S. -3) Henderson County
05-114370 TCGU3 (YOUNG, M.G. -3) Henderson County
05-116220 OGU (LEWIS, J. H. A-3) Henderson County
05-119019 TCGU4 (YOUNG, TEXIE "B" -10) Henderson County
05-121981 OGU (HARVARD, J. M. -3) Henderson County
05-122588 OGU (CORLEY, C. W. B-4) Henderson County
05-123075 OGU (MC & SUGGETT -14) Henderson County
05-129031 OGU (MC & SUGGETT -17) Henderson County
05-136004 MITCHELL I Robertson County
05-136531 J. M. POLLARD GAS UNIT Freestone County
05-138521 OGU (HOWELL, W.Y. -5) Henderson County
05-140088 MILSTEAD Robertson County
05-142835 BEAL ESTATE Robertson County
05-143038 MITCHELL I Robertson County
05-143932 MITCHELL I Robertson County
05-146045 J. M. POLLARD GAS UNIT Freestone County
05-146286 OGU (ALLYN, C.H. -11) Henderson County
05-158680 MITCHELL UNIT I Robertson County
06-016950 WSGU1 (LACY, E. -2) Gregg County
06-11068 ONEY, HENRY Harrison County
06-135803 WSGU1 (LACY, E -6) Gregg County
06-135830 WSGU1 (LACY, E-8) Gregg County
06-137208 KNOX, DEE Harrison County
06-137992 KNOX, DEE Harrison County
06-138222 PITTS, HENRY Harrison County
06-138535 WILLIAMS, IVY HEIRS Harrison County
08-16295 OLDHAM, IDA MAE, -D- Midland County
08-16363 EPLEY, L. B. Midland County
08-16486 OLDHAM, IDA MAE, -B- Midland County
08-16487 MCADAMS, GARNER Martin County
08-16504 YATER, MILT Martin County
08-31551 LAWRENCE "A" Howard County
09-19185 WELLS-NICHOLS Hardeman County
09-28903 STEPP-HURST 110 UN. Hardeman County
09-28964 STEPP-HURST 110 UN. Hardeman County
09-28969 STEPP 110-1 Hardeman County
09-28991 HURST 10 Hardeman County
6E-07198 TUTTLE, J. M. Gregg County
6E-07758 DICKSON Rusk County
6E-07849 TODD, B. C. -A- Gregg County
6E-07850 TODD, B. C. -B- Gregg County
7B-017920 WARD, E. J. Eastland County
7B-02522 BAIZE, SAM Jones County
7B-02524 MATECHA, MARY Jones County
7B-083765 GROVES, W H Eastland County
7C-11401 FRIEND "ST" A Reagan County
8A-04488 CLASSEN, W. J. Dawson County
8A-66477 CANON "36" Borden County
8A-66525 CANON WHATLEY "25" Borden County
8A-66598 CANON-WHATLEY "37" Borden County
8A-66733 CARTER, A. T. Yoakum County
8A-66794 CARTER, A. T. -A- Yoakum County

Drilling Permits Filed by Enserch Exploration, Inc