EOG Resources, Inc. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By EOG Resources, Inc.
Map of Wells Operated by EOG Resources, Inc.
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PO BOX 4362


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Leases Operated by EOG Resources, Inc.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-15451 MERRITT Gonzales County
01-15581 RIVER LOWE RANCH McMullen County
01-15588 EXELCO La Salle County
01-15618 MERRITT SOUTH UNIT Gonzales County
01-15893 GORDON TRUST Atascosa County
01-15916 GUADALUPE UNIT Gonzales County
01-16089 BOEDEKER LEASE Gonzales County
01-16189 NELSON ZELLA La Salle County
01-16430 MCCOLLUM A UNIT DeWitt County
01-17210 CORNER S RANCH McMullen County
01-17420 KELLY UNIT Gonzales County
01-17472 BOWMAN WEST Atascosa County
01-17808 GORDON C UNIT Atascosa County
01-17815 FOGERTY UNIT Gonzales County
01-17892 MOONLIGHT Atascosa County
01-18113 K RANCH LOS COMPADRES UNIT McMullen County
01-18144 ANTRIM COOK UNIT McMullen County
01-20429 COOK C Gonzales County
02-09493 WHITESIDE UNIT Karnes County
02-09598 HORSE THIEF UNIT Karnes County
02-10145 WBC UNIT Karnes County
02-10378 KORTH UNIT Karnes County
02-10475 RUTTER RANCH UNIT Karnes County
02-10648 SCHNEIDER UNIT Karnes County
02-10710 FLEETWOOD UNIT Karnes County
02-10731 DIO UNIT DeWitt County
02-10768 RINGO UNIT Karnes County
02-10801 LYNCH UNIT Karnes County
02-10887 IKE UNIT Karnes County
02-10897 DUNCAN UNIT Karnes County
02-10941 SZALWINSKI UNIT Karnes County
02-11001 GINOBILI UNIT Karnes County
02-11027 LEONARD UNIT Karnes County
02-11170 LEONARD AC UNIT Karnes County
02-11467 GINOBILI UNIT Karnes County
02-11838 MILLS UNIT Karnes County
02-12148 GAMERA D Karnes County
02-12149 GAMERA E Karnes County
08-289031 STATE MERCURY F Loving County
08-289376 LINK VJ RANCH 24-13 G Loving County
08-289584 STATE DRAGONFLY UNIT Reeves County
08-289630 STATE DRAGONFLY UNIT Reeves County
08-289814 STATE STREET 20-29 A UNIT Reeves County
08-290013 STATE BLUEWING UNIT B Reeves County
08-290056 STATE BLUEWING UNIT B Reeves County
08-290083 STATE CORREA UNIT Reeves County
08-290297 STATE STREAMER UNIT Reeves County
08-290298 STATE STREAMER UNIT Reeves County
08-290299 STATE STREAMER UNIT Reeves County
08-290301 STATE STREAMER UNIT Reeves County
08-290306 STATE STREAMER UNIT Reeves County
08-290316 VJ RANCH LINK 35-38 A Loving County
08-290323 VJ RANCH LINK 35-38 E Loving County
08-290324 VJ RANCH LINK 35-38 D Loving County
08-290334 VJ RANCH LINK 35-38 F Loving County
08-290352 STATE STREAMER UNIT Reeves County
08-290870 STATE ATLAS K Loving County
08-290871 STATE ATLAS L Loving County
08-290879 ATLAS Loving County
08-290881 ATLAS A Loving County
08-290883 ATLAS B Loving County
08-46539 LILY BRUNSON Loving County
08-48204 GEMINI 7 Loving County
08-49626 STATE MAGELLAN 7 Loving County
08-49998 EL PATRON UNIT Loving County
08-50429 REED 24 UNIT Loving County
08-53158 ATLAS 7 UNIT Loving County
08-53988 WRANGLER D UNIT Loving County
08-55139 YELLOW ROSE B UNIT Loving County
08-55192 TITAN 7 UNIT Loving County
08-55262 STATE STONEFLY UNIT Reeves County
08-56019 ATLAS B Loving County
08-56020 ATLAS C Loving County
08-56021 ATLAS Loving County
7C-17171 UNIVERSITY 40 Crockett County
7C-17639 UNIVERSITY 9 Reagan County
7C-17667 UNIVERSITY 38 Crockett County
7C-17681 MAYER Irion County
7C-17809 UNIVERSITY 43 "A" Irion County
7C-18623 UNIVERSITY 09C Reagan County

Drilling Permits Filed by EOG Resources, Inc.