Exco Operating Company, LP Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Exco Operating Company, LP
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12377 MERIT DRIVE STE 1700
DALLAS, TX 75251


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Leases Operated by Exco Operating Company, LP

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-15313 ALLEE UNIT A Dimmit County
01-15412 TRAYLOR NORTH Zavala County
01-15563 ALLEE UNIT B Dimmit County
01-15623 MONTE LENOSO FRO Frio County
01-15624 LLM ZAV Zavala County
01-15629 BAYOU ROUGE UNIT C ZAV Zavala County
01-15744 WINTERBOTHAM ZAV Zavala County
01-15766 TRAYLOR SOUTH ZAV Zavala County
01-15963 KM NORTH ZAV Zavala County
01-15993 TRAYLOR WEST ZAV Zavala County
01-16090 PETERS UNIT B ZAV Zavala County
01-16609 RUBIES DREAM UNIT ZAV Zavala County
01-16636 TIDWELL EAST ZAV Zavala County
01-16715 HOWETT UNIT ZAV F Zavala County
01-16793 LEDWIG LAS La Salle County
01-16882 LOMA VISTA ZAV Zavala County
01-16894 BAYOU ROUGE UNIT I ZAV Zavala County
01-16935 TEAGUE UNIT B ZAV Zavala County
01-17100 CALVERT RANCH FRO Frio County
01-17101 HOWETT UNIT ZAV Zavala County
01-17123 KM SOUTH ZAV Zavala County
01-17215 RICHTER UNIT B ZAV Zavala County
01-17262 DAY RANCH ZAV Zavala County
01-17440 BOLL FRO Frio County
01-17448 COLEMAN ZAV D Zavala County
01-17450 POWELL UNIT ZAV A Zavala County
01-17477 LLM UNIT ZAV Zavala County
01-17543 J&M HOLDSWORTH UNIT ZAV F Zavala County
01-17653 TRAYLOR UNIT ZAV N Zavala County
01-17795 TRAYLOR WEST ZAV G Zavala County
01-17827 ROBERT WALKER UNIT ZAV B Zavala County
01-17867 TRAYLOR UNIT ZAV M Zavala County
01-18015 HOWETT ZAV Zavala County
01-18230 TRAYLOR UNIT ZAV L Zavala County
01-18291 GUY BOB FRO Frio County
01-18314 COLEMAN UNIT ZAV E Zavala County
01-18315 COLEMAN UNIT ZAV C Zavala County
01-18398 KM-MILLER UNIT ZAV Zavala County
01-19189 BAUERLE UNIT ZAV Zavala County
01-19231 MILLER UNIT ZAV Zavala County
01-19290 BOLL-CALVERT UNIT FRO Frio County
01-19415 GUY BOB UNIT FRO Frio County
01-19418 KM-WINTERBOTHAM UNIT ZAV Zavala County
01-19736 MONTE LENOSO FRO C Frio County
01-19754 TS-WINTERBOTHAM UNIT ZAV Zavala County
01-19779 WINTERBOTHAM-TN UNIT ZAV Zavala County
01-19916 COMMERCE UNIT ZAV B Zavala County
01-20010 KM-COMMERCE UNIT ZAV Zavala County
01-20026 COMMERCE UNIT ZAV A Zavala County
06-14754 GRIFFIN RANCH OU A Gregg County
06-234369 TRAMMELL Harrison County
06-254569 BURROWS GAS UNIT San Augustine County
06-263186 DENNIS SU San Augustine County
06-264333 GOMEZ SU C Nacogdoches County
06-272027 BRENT MILLER UNIT A2 Nacogdoches County
06-273119 JACOB SU San Augustine County
06-273298 DEEN SU San Augustine County
06-273935 BRENT MILLER UNIT A2 Nacogdoches County
06-274908 THOMAS SU San Augustine County
06-275217 THOMAS SU San Augustine County
06-278099 BRUCE SU San Augustine County
06-279409 RED RIVER 164-PHILLIPS ALLOC San Augustine County
06-279411 GREER - IRONOSA ALLOC San Augustine County
06-279428 DAVIS - HOLLOWAY ALLOC San Augustine County
06-279429 RED RIVER 257A-DILLARD ALLOC San Augustine County
06-279430 WOOD-OWENS ALLOC San Augustine County
06-279432 WILLIAMSON SU Nacogdoches County
06-279433 ADJ MINERALS-IRONOSA ALLOC San Augustine County
06-279435 CHARLES SU Shelby County
06-279916 DONATILL SU Shelby County
06-279917 JACOB SU Shelby County
06-279918 JACOB-SMITH ALLOC San Augustine County
06-279920 CRENSHAW-SMITH ALLOC San Augustine County
06-279921 CRENSHAW-SMITH ALLOC San Augustine County
06-279923 JACOB-HOPKINS ALLOC San Augustine County
06-279924 WALKER SU I Nacogdoches County
06-284181 HILLIARD-AP LISTON Panola County

Drilling Permits Filed by Exco Operating Company, LP