Exco Resources, Inc. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Exco Resources, Inc.
Map of Wells Operated by Exco Resources, Inc.
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DALLAS, TX 75251

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Leases Operated by Exco Resources, Inc.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-000498 CAUTHORN -A- Val Verde County
01-073987 ALTIZER, MINNIE LEE "B" Val Verde County
01-150759 CAUTHORN -A- Val Verde County
01-157635 CAUTHORN -A- Val Verde County
01-158689 ALTIZER Val Verde County
01-159023 ALTIZER Val Verde County
01-160619 ALTIZER Val Verde County
01-161987 ADAH - CAUTHORN Val Verde County
01-173823 ALTIZER "B" Val Verde County
01-188371 ALTIZER 48A Val Verde County
01-203659 CAUTHORN -A- Val Verde County
01-203662 COE, H. W. Val Verde County
03-14247 BERGMAN Polk County
03-19381 GRANBURY Polk County
03-19731 GRANBURY "A" Polk County
03-19877 MAYES, J.B. UNIT Polk County
03-23818 ARCO-VICKERS Hardin County
06-01396 PATTERSON, ISAAC Wood County
06-04694 BUSBEY, ANNIE UNIT Rusk County
06-14541 HENDERSON, CHARLES Rusk County
06-184969 JACKSON, FRED B. Rusk County
06-187017 ROGERS GAS UNIT Rusk County
06-216070 JACKSON, FRED B. Rusk County
06-217061 MCCAULEY GAS UNIT Rusk County
06-229133 ECHARD HEIRS Smith County
08-063632 GOMEZ SOUTH UNIT "3A" Pecos County
09-23700 GRANGE "A" Hardeman County
10-130817 HOSTUTLER -451- Lipscomb County
7B-017920 WARD, E. J. Eastland County
7C-15687 SUGG "5" Irion County
7C-15696 SUGG "53" Tom Green County
7C-15705 SUGG "7" Irion County
7C-15719 SUGG "1" Irion County
7C-15770 SUGG FARMAR "40" Irion County
7C-15832 SUGG "8" Irion County
7C-15846 M.B. NOELKE "2" Irion County
7C-15874 SUGG "2" Irion County
7C-15926 SUGG "3" Irion County
7C-16000 SUGG "9H" Irion County
7C-16014 SUGG-JANE TAYLOR "1" Irion County
7C-16071 SUGG-FARMAR "24" Irion County
7C-16072 SUGG "10" Irion County
7C-16074 SUGG "6" Irion County
7C-16076 SUGG-JANE TAYLOR "E" Irion County
7C-16104 SUGG "214" Irion County
7C-16177 SUGG FARMAR "41A" Irion County
7C-16219 SUGG "214" Irion County
7C-16229 SUGG "1A" Irion County
7C-16288 SUGG "5A" Irion County
7C-16306 SUGG "7A" Irion County
7C-16310 SUGG "8A" Irion County
7C-16318 SUGG "3A" Irion County
7C-16334 SUGG FARMAR "22" Irion County
7C-16378 NOELKE/SUGG UNIT NO.1 Irion County
7C-16458 SUGG "53A" Tom Green County
7C-16613 SUGG-FARMAR "9" Irion County
7C-16643 SUGG "9" Irion County
7C-16675 SHEEN "10" Irion County
7C-17039 SUGG "1911" Irion County
7C-17072 SUGG "1910" Irion County
7C-17201 CLARK "10" Irion County
7C-17209 CLARK "10B" Irion County
7C-17217 CLARK "10A" Irion County
7C-17273 SUGG "13" Irion County
7C-17359 SUGG "9A" Irion County
7C-17414 RENFRO "11" Irion County
7C-17560 CARTER "1909A" Irion County
7C-17638 RENFRO "11A" Irion County
7C-17649 SHEEN "8B" Irion County
7C-17704 SHEEN "10A" Irion County
7C-17814 COX '60A' Irion County
7C-211550 SUGG "15" Irion County
8A-65690 DUGGER Dawson County
8A-65866 DUGGER "A" Dawson County
8A-67535 HAMIL "B" Dawson County
8A-67615 KIDD Dawson County
8A-68992 SNELL-ADAMS Dawson County
8A-69079 SNELL A Dawson County
8A-69326 HAMIL "D" Dawson County

Drilling Permits Filed by Exco Resources, Inc.