Exxcel Operating Company Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Exxcel Operating Company
Map of Wells Operated by Exxcel Operating Company
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8348-2 MARBACH RD. STE 1233

Leases Operated by Exxcel Operating Company

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-01380 TROELL, CHAS. T. Atascosa County
01-01393 TROELL, CHAS. T. Atascosa County
01-01427 FRIESENHAHN, LEROY G. LEASE Bexar County
01-02605 HITZFELDER Frio County
01-03094 HOLDSWORTH, E. M., -A- Zavala County
01-03095 HOLDSWORTH SEG. 4 /EL. UP./ UNIT Zavala County
01-03099 HOLDSWORTH, E. M., -A- Zavala County
01-03759 STOUP, ESTATE OF THELMA B. Bexar County
01-04024 (S.A.H.) V.H. HRBACEK Atascosa County
01-04139 RICHTER Atascosa County
01-04214 MCCARLEY, GEORGE Dimmit County
01-04527 BRISCOE/HULSMAN Dimmit County
01-04604 VAUGHAN ESTATE Frio County
01-04615 O'CONNOR Frio County
01-04704 MCFARLANE Frio County
01-04743 ARNOLD Frio County
01-06405 BIRY, FRANK Medina County
01-06480 SCHUCHARDT, ALBERT Frio County
01-065086 BRISCOE/HULSMAN Dimmit County
01-069163 BRISCOE/HULSMAN Dimmit County
01-07063 SMITH Gonzales County
01-075086 FRIDAY HAVEN Dimmit County
01-09038 RITCHIE -A- La Salle County
01-09175 ESCHENBURG, R.L. II ET. AL. Wilson County
01-09192 LOCKHART STATE PARK Caldwell County
01-10319 LANFORD, NATHAN Atascosa County
01-10455 DUREN Atascosa County
01-10614 GOOD Frio County
01-11205 POLASEK, ALLEN Bexar County
01-11520 MATTHEWS RANCH Zavala County
01-11906 WILSON, J.T. La Salle County
01-11986 TALLEY, J.W. ESTATE Frio County
01-12187 CELLMAR Wilson County
01-13475 CLAYTIE Frio County
01-13618 GRIFFIN Karnes County
01-13681 MILLS UNIT Frio County
01-148964 KRAWETZ "A" Zavala County
02-00007 SIMMONS, MARY Victoria County
02-000558 SIMMONS, MARY Victoria County
02-01582 MEYER Victoria County
02-032160 BUCKERT UNIT -A- Victoria County
02-04404 SIMMONS, MARY Victoria County
02-046264 HORNBURG, ANNA Victoria County
02-04662 TREPTOW, PAUL Bee County
02-05115 WESTHOFF, W.T. -E- Jackson County
02-05236 SPIKES, MYRA Refugio County
02-05483 ARNOLD, KARL -A- Bee County
02-059212 TREPTOW, PAUL -A- Bee County
02-059355 MENGERS, ELSIE UNIT Bee County
02-098050 MEYERS, G. C. Victoria County
02-100244 BUCKERT UNIT Victoria County
02-106484 SPIKES, MYRA Refugio County
02-115022 SPIKES, MYRA ESTATE Refugio County
02-121133 GARCIA, RAUL ET AL Bee County
02-122527 HORNBURG Victoria County
02-123595 JAMES, J. G. Live Oak County
02-137709 SIMMONS, MARY Victoria County
03-077084 LOMBARDO, THOMAS TRUST Jefferson County
03-081740 LOMBARDO, THOMAS TRUST Jefferson County
03-117536 DUNCAN Wharton County
03-118618 NORTHINGTON Wharton County
04-009294 GRIEF, D. M. Aransas County
04-01708 ADAMS, NINA ESTATE Jim Wells County
04-01714 ADAMS, NINA, ESTATE Jim Wells County
04-11210 GALLAGHER San Patricio County
04-11234 BUNNING Kleberg County
04-11381 CRYER Nueces County
04-114019 ADAMS, NINA ESTATE Jim Wells County
04-11438 ADAMS, NINA ESTATE Jim Wells County
04-115522 MENGERS, GUS O. San Patricio County
04-11842 CRYER -A- Nueces County
04-121886 SHAFFER, KATHERINE L. ETAL. Nueces County
04-123368 HOWELL, J.J. Starr County
04-130420 ADAMS, NINA ESTATE "A" Jim Wells County
04-130483 HOWELL, J.J. Starr County
04-136644 HEARD, F. V. W. HEIRS MRS Starr County
04-145274 SHAFFER, K. Nueces County
04-147092 ADAMS, NINA Jim Wells County
7B-07124 HOY Stonewall County
7B-22074 FRYMIRE, PETE "A" Nolan County

Drilling Permits Filed by Exxcel Operating Company