Fair Oil, LC Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Fair Oil, LC
Map of Wells Operated by Fair Oil, LC
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P O BOX 689
TYLER, TX 75710

Leases Operated by Fair Oil, LC

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-10629 CHRISTIAN-DUBOSE UNIT Gonzales County
05-01247 WYNNE, A. -B- Kaufman County
05-01252 PRIDDY, F., ETAL Kaufman County
05-01257 WYNNE, A. "D" Kaufman County
05-02065 GREEN, BLANCHE Hopkins County
05-02207 LUMPKIN, F. E. Kaufman County
05-03241 WYNNE, A. "B" Kaufman County
06-00843 MARTIN, MINNIE ETAL UNIT Wood County
06-00867 HUDSON, M. A. Wood County
06-00882 JOHNSTON, W. L. Wood County
06-016061 RUDMAN & GENECOV Panola County
06-016072 RUDMAN & GENECOV Panola County
06-016490 GARY, WINNIE LEE ET AL UNIT Rusk County
06-030632 NEWMAN, W. H. UNIT Wood County
06-031373 NOE, J. L. Wood County
06-037093 ROGERS, B., MRS., ET AL I Wood County
06-037100 ROGERS, B., MRS. ET AL Wood County
06-038397 BRADEN, CLARENCE C. Marion County
06-04077 GENECOV, A. S., ET AL Smith County
06-04258 NEWMAN,W.H. Wood County
06-046331 DAVIS GAS UNIT NO 1 Nacogdoches County
06-050883 HEROD-FINCH-JONES Houston County
06-052395 H-F-J Houston County
06-05264 GREENFOX /PETTIT B/ UNIT Marion County
06-05332 CHAPPEL HEIRS Wood County
06-05334 CHAPPEL HEIRS Wood County
06-054299 DAILEY-PRIDGEN Houston County
06-05443 GREEN FOX /SMITH ZONE/ UNIT Harrison County
06-055139 STREETMAN Houston County
06-057676 SPANGLER GAS UNIT Nacogdoches County
06-05803 ANTHONY, J. E. Marion County
06-05880 MCELYEA, J.H.-1-B- Red River County
06-059298 YATES GU 1 Nacogdoches County
06-060079 WARNER GAS UNIT Houston County
06-060751 SOUTHLAND PAPER MILLS Nacogdoches County
06-087285 LUCAS, TOM JACK GAS UNIT Nacogdoches County
06-090862 MINALDI, RONALD J. UNIT Marion County
06-093397 GREEN FOX (SMITH ZONE) UNIT Marion County
06-096858 CHRONISTER, LORA UNIT Marion County
06-097487 HERRING, LEONARD Wood County
06-098679 NOE, J. L. Wood County
06-10181 LEE, G. T., UNIT Wood County
06-104813 BATES & DORSEY Nacogdoches County
06-10683 JOHNSON, J.F. EST. UNIT #2 Wood County
06-10684 JOHNSON, J.F. EST. UNIT Wood County
06-10707 PUCKETT, H. V. Wood County
06-10741 NICHOLSON Smith County
06-10747 SANDERS, E. H. "A" Smith County
06-110901 KIMMEY, T. O. UNIT Wood County
06-111255 RAMEY, A. J. Cherokee County
06-114384 SCOGGINS, O. C. Wood County
06-115840 DARSEY Houston County
06-116255 PITTMAN, E. N. ET AL Wood County
06-11657 CURBO, GEORGE Rusk County
06-11665 MCKENZIE, J. B. Smith County
06-11849 BENSON, GEORGE Smith County
06-11894 BAGBY HEIRS Wood County
06-12044 MOSELEY Wood County
06-121155 BLACKWELL, W. H. GAS UNIT Wood County
06-12285 STROUD UNIT Wood County
06-12382 FARRIS Wood County
06-12417 MCALLISTER Wood County
06-13218 HASTY-CHEW-UNIT Marion County
06-13350 SCOGGINS, F.E. Wood County
06-133739 NOE, J.L. Wood County
06-13491 JIM L. WILLIAMS UNIT Marion County
06-138373 CHATTEN, SUSIE Marion County
06-140639 GROGAN-VEACH UNIT Marion County
06-141006 POLLARD-JOHNSON UNIT Wood County
06-142250 WRIGHT, PINK UNIT Marion County
06-144419 ANTHONY, JAMES E. TRUSTEE "A" Marion County
06-146925 ANTHONY, JAMES E. TRUSTEE Marion County
06-153760 KEE Smith County
06-159642 PITTMAN, E. N. ET AL Wood County
06-167522 MARTIN-POLLARD UNIT Wood County
06-169240 GREEN FOX (SMITH ZONE) UNIT Marion County
09-01111 ABERCROMBIE, ANNA Archer County
6E-07823 CURBO Rusk County
6E-08722 CURBO, GEORGE Rusk County

Drilling Permits Filed by Fair Oil, LC