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JUDSON, TX 75660

(469) 453-7346

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Leases Operated by FDL Operating, LLC

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
08-38532 MARY ELLEN Ector County
08-38725 JANICE Ector County
08-38726 CHARLOTTE Ector County
08-38853 OTIS Ector County
08-38872 FLOYD Ector County
08-38877 ROSE MARIE Ector County
08-38896 NAKEISHA Ector County
08-38897 COURTNEY Ector County
08-38898 SHERRY Ector County
08-38904 THELMA LOU Ector County
08-38923 MAYBERRY Ector County
08-39031 ERICA Ector County
08-39109 KAYLEIGH Ector County
08-39267 BARNEY Ector County
08-39274 EMMETT Ector County
08-39565 RFD Ector County
08-39936 HELEN CRUMP B Ector County
08-39938 EDWARDS, CLARA Ector County
08-40093 CUMBERLAND RANCH Midland County
08-40446 GARDENDALE 8 Ector County
08-40509 GARDENDALE 10 Ector County
08-40518 GARDENDALE 4 Ector County
08-40523 GARDENDALE "9" Ector County
08-40553 GARDENDALE "5" Ector County
08-40615 GARDENDALE 7 Ector County
08-40668 GARDENDALE 12 Ector County
08-40761 GARDENDALE 6 Ector County
08-40972 BASS, ERNEST T Ector County
08-41018 GARDENDALE 14 Ector County
08-41558 LEON Ector County
08-41564 MILLIE A Ector County
08-41742 MILLIE B Crane County
08-42552 AVERITT Ector County
08-43017 MCRAE FARM 2 Ector County
08-43236 EMMA Crane County
08-44459 MAYOR PIKE UNIT Ector County
08-44899 RAFE Crane County
08-45218 RAFE A Crane County
08-46228 TATIA (SA) Ector County
08-48987 TATIA Ector County
08-49853 AVERITT Ector County
08-50914 ANDY Ector County
09-251148 LUMBERMEN "B" Tarrant County
09-251151 LUMBERMEN "B" Tarrant County
09-251155 LUMBERMEN "B" Tarrant County
09-258373 SCOTT Johnson County
09-260983 HOWARD, WILLIAM Johnson County
09-261754 BENBROOK UNIT "D" FED Tarrant County
09-261969 BOLES, VERDIA Johnson County
09-262078 MCGEE, ODIS GAS UNIT Johnson County
09-262607 BENBROOK UNIT "D' FED Tarrant County
09-262912 BENBROOK UNIT "C" FED Tarrant County
09-262934 CASHION, JOHN Johnson County
09-263034 BENBROOK UNIT "C" FED Tarrant County
09-263038 CASHION, JOHN Johnson County
09-263052 MELTON, JAMES Johnson County
09-263378 WHITEHEAD-TRULOVE (SA) Johnson County
09-264417 KENNY-MCCARVER (SA) Johnson County
09-264467 UYSALER, AHMET Johnson County
09-265047 MILLER, MONTY Johnson County
09-265056 TINDALL-UYSALER (SA) Johnson County
09-266456 RAWDON-SIERRA-MCGEE (SA) Johnson County
09-266525 KENNY-MCGEE (SA) Johnson County
09-266550 RAWDON-PEYCO-MCGEE (SA) Johnson County
09-266807 PRESTON-SCARBERRY (SA) Johnson County
09-267026 PRESTON, ELIZABETH Johnson County
09-267032 NOWLIN-DAVIS (SA) Johnson County
09-269384 MURRIN BEAR CREEK Tarrant County
09-269395 SHARON MCCAFFITY (SA) Johnson County
09-270225 GLADYS DIKE (SA) Johnson County
09-270410 GLADYS DIKE (SA) Johnson County
09-270419 GLADYS DIKE (SA) Johnson County
09-270564 GLADYS DIKE (SA) Johnson County
7C-04049 ONEAL, B. J., ETAL Upton County
7C-100635 MITCHELL, TOM Crockett County
7C-110408 MITCHELL, TOM Crockett County
7C-164857 MITCHELL, TOM UNIT Crockett County
7C-16608 LARAH Upton County
7C-17377 CAZA 158 Upton County
7C-18455 DARLING NORTH A Crane County

Drilling Permits Filed by FDL Operating, LLC