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PO BOX 472
JUDSON, TX 75660


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Leases Operated by FDL Operating, LLC

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
08-21365 SOUTH FUHRMAN MASCHO UNIT Andrews County
08-264576 STATE 71 Reeves County
08-37943 GOLDSMITH ADOBE UNIT Ector County
08-39028 PARKER MINERALS 8 Ector County
08-39029 CVX 6 Ector County
08-39030 CVX 1 Ector County
08-40615 GARDENDALE 7 Ector County
08-40761 GARDENDALE 6 Ector County
08-41062 GLASSCOCK, HOWARD W. (G-S) UNIT Glasscock County
08-41064 ROBERTS, DORA -BDE- Howard County
08-42145 UNIVERSITY 17-17 Ward County
08-48987 TATIA Ector County
08-50831 STEAKLEY 44 GS Ector County
08-52283 MILLIE B LEON Ector County
08-53214 GARDENDALE Ector County
08-53452 GARDENDALE F Ector County
7C-00621 JAMESON REEF UNIT Coke County
7C-13876 MENIELLE, L.B. Coke County
7C-17721 UNIVERSITY 09 Reagan County
7C-18457 UNIVERSITY 11 RE Reagan County
7C-18681 UNIVERSITY SR 23-26 Reagan County
7C-18869 UNIVERSITY 10 RE Reagan County
7C-20313 BOOTHE 236-6 ALLOC 05 Reagan County
7C-20315 BOOTHE 236-6 ALLOC 06 Reagan County
7C-20542 AKATOR Reagan County
7C-20545 COATES 738 Reagan County
7C-20550 CORONADO Irion County
7C-20552 CORTES Irion County
7C-20557 DEVACA Irion County
7C-20560 HALFMANN 1214 Reagan County
7C-20564 HAM B Reagan County
7C-20568 HICKMAN RE 1 223 Reagan County
7C-20572 HICKMAN ALLOCATION A Reagan County
7C-20617 TUCKER RE 1 194 ALLOC 05 Reagan County
7C-20620 UNIVERSITY 09A Reagan County
7C-20626 UNIVERSITY 43-14 Irion County
7C-20633 UNIVERSITY 47-23 Crockett County
7C-20635 UNIVERSITY 47-48 Reagan County
7C-20636 UNIVERSITY 48 Reagan County
7C-20637 UNIVERSITY 48-09 Reagan County
7C-20648 UNIVERSITY 49 Reagan County
7C-20650 UNIVERSITY 49-1 WEST Reagan County
7C-20658 UNIVERSITY 52-10 Crockett County
7C-20659 UNIVERSITY 52-23 Crockett County
7C-20663 UNIVERSITY UNIT 1 RE 10 4 Reagan County
7C-20665 WATKINS 1229 Reagan County
7C-20666 COPE 79-80 Reagan County
7C-20667 COPE 82-81 Reagan County
7C-20669 COPE 82-83 ALLOC 01 Reagan County
7C-20670 COPE 107-108 Reagan County
7C-20672 HUGHES WEST Reagan County
7C-20676 MAYER Irion County
7C-20677 RCR 180-197 ALLOC 07 Reagan County
7C-20683 RCR 180 Reagan County
7C-20684 UNIVERSITY 9-31 Reagan County
7C-20685 UNIVERSITY 10 Reagan County
7C-20690 WOODS 212-217 ALLOC 03 Irion County
7C-20691 WOODS 212-217 ALLOC 04 Irion County
7C-20694 WOODS 212-217 ALLOC 06 Irion County
7C-20704 HOLT 1222-1221 ALLOC 02 Reagan County
7C-20705 HOLT 1223-1221ALLOC 01 Reagan County
7C-20706 ROCKER B 20-21 Reagan County
7C-20707 WEATHERBY 1225-1226 ALLOC 05 Reagan County
7C-20708 WEATHERBY 1225-1226 ALLOC 06 Reagan County
7C-20760 MAYER-215 ALLOC 08 Irion County
7C-20774 BLOXOM SOUTH 210-219 ALLOC 23 Reagan County
7C-20783 SECTION 235-220 ALLOC 01 Reagan County
7C-20786 UNIVERSITY OWENS 1-6 ALLOC 18 Reagan County
7C-20787 UNIVERSITY OWENS 1-6 ALLOC 27 Reagan County
7C-20788 UNIVERSITY OWENS 1-6 ALLOC 23 Reagan County
7C-20801 UNIVERSITY OWENS 1-6 ALLOC 32 Reagan County
7C-20805 MAYER-215 ALLOC 12 Irion County
7C-20821 BLOXOM SOUTH 210-219 ALLOC 33 Reagan County
7C-20823 WOODS 211-218 ALLOC 06 Reagan County
7C-20824 WOODS 211-218 ALLOC 01 Reagan County
7C-20855 WOODS 212-217 ALLOC 14 Irion County
7C-21168 BOOTHE 236 ALLOC 04 Reagan County
7C-21170 BLOXOM SOUTH 210-219 ALLOC 02 Reagan County
7C-21171 BLOXOM SOUTH 210-219 ALLOC 13 Reagan County

Drilling Permits Filed by FDL Operating, LLC