Field Petroleum Corp. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Field Petroleum Corp.
Map of Wells Operated by Field Petroleum Corp.
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Leases Operated by Field Petroleum Corp.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-14955 BURR C Maverick County
01-15710 BURR C 8-231XH UNIT Maverick County
01-17586 E. BAKER 'A' McMullen County
01-17748 LITTLE MINERALS Zavala County
01-17839 LITTLE MINERALS -A- Dimmit County
01-214359 BURR "C" Maverick County
01-252815 BURR "D" Maverick County
01-264211 GLASS B Maverick County
01-265731 GLASS B Maverick County
01-265732 GLASS A Maverick County
01-265736 GLASS A Maverick County
01-287256 EARL BAKER McMullen County
02-00639 FRIAR, A. Victoria County
02-07412 FRIAR, A. Victoria County
02-11878 FRIAR Victoria County
02-172084 FRIAR, THOMAS Victoria County
02-180964 BUHLER Victoria County
02-184371 VICTORIA REGIONAL AIRPORT Victoria County
02-192017 VICTORIA REGIONAL AIRPORT Victoria County
02-192478 MARTIN Live Oak County
02-194689 HEWITT Victoria County
02-201436 GARCITAS RANCH "A" Victoria County
02-203207 HEWITT "A" Victoria County
02-203660 HEWITT "B" Victoria County
02-207958 GARCITAS RANCH Victoria County
02-209725 SCHERER Victoria County
02-214353 DOUGHERTY-STRIEBECK Live Oak County
02-219798 GARCITAS RANCH Victoria County
02-230789 BUHLER "A" Victoria County
02-235847 DOUGHERTY-STRIEBECK Live Oak County
02-242928 BUHLER "B" Victoria County
02-250555 HEWITT Victoria County
02-251107 HICKS Jackson County
02-255196 HEWITT Victoria County
02-259770 GARCITAS RANCH Victoria County
02-259771 GARCITAS RANCH Victoria County
03-178204 BAIN Wharton County
03-178887 ALVENA Matagorda County
03-193667 STEELE Matagorda County
03-199514 ALVENA SWD Matagorda County
03-201432 BEARD, L. UNIT Wharton County
03-244038 WENGLAR Wharton County
03-26215 COLLINS Matagorda County
03-263510 TRULL Matagorda County
03-263893 ILSE UNIT Wharton County
03-271136 HARFST COUEY Wharton County
04-278520 STILLMAN Duval County

Drilling Permits Filed by Field Petroleum Corp.