Fisher-Webb, Inc. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Fisher-Webb, Inc.
Map of Wells Operated by Fisher-Webb, Inc.
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Leases Operated by Fisher-Webb, Inc.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
03-13730 J. BLINKA UNIT Burleson County
03-13825 MARESH, A. Burleson County
03-13838 GLOYNA, WILLIE E. Burleson County
03-13990 STRUWE, ELSIE A. Burleson County
03-14129 CALDWELL, C.W. Brazos County
03-14572 HARRIS ET AL Brazos County
03-14579 ROBERT, M. F. Brazos County
03-14583 KINDER Brazos County
03-15723 ROBERT, M.F. Brazos County
05-02016 BREITHAUPT Navarro County
09-080770 STRAUS ESTATE Montague County
7B-02698 WINTER, JOE Jones County
7B-077484 PARSONS, INA MAE Callahan County
7B-081071 TURNER, J. N. Palo Pinto County
7B-081400 STOCKTON Taylor County
7B-110322 EARNEST Taylor County
7B-11264 CARTER, FRANK Jones County
7B-13070 BECK ESTATE Fisher County
7B-13208 WINTER J. Jones County
7B-13801 WINTER J. "A" Jones County
7B-14015 PIETZSCH Hamilton County
7B-14130 MARTIN B.G. Nolan County
7B-14724 BOWLES B.B. Stonewall County
7B-14834 BOWLES B.B. Stonewall County
7B-14849 ALLEN Jones County
7B-14934 TOOMBS Jones County
7B-15057 FREEMAN Jones County
7B-15258 BRUCE Nolan County
7B-15340 MOORE S.K. Fisher County
7B-15875 CASEY,L.E. Haskell County
7B-16306 BAUGH Haskell County
7B-17010 WOOLDRIDGE Stonewall County
7B-17076 WOOLDRIDGE Stonewall County
7B-17182 MCLAUGHLIN "54" Nolan County
7B-17210 ESTATE SEARS Taylor County
7B-17219 MITCHELL Jones County
7B-17446 ALEXANDER Taylor County
7B-17860 EARNEST Taylor County
7B-17899 GROVES Taylor County
7B-18075 SAWYER Taylor County
7B-18076 EARNEST "B" Taylor County
7B-18081 ALEXANDER Taylor County
7B-18625 MCLAUGHLIN "47" Nolan County
7C-018910 HS & N RANCH 88A Concho County
7C-057920 HS & N RANCH 88A Concho County
7C-059050 HS & N RANCH 49 Concho County
7C-059744 HS & N RANCH 88 Concho County
7C-059745 HS & N RANCH 5 Concho County
7C-059851 HS & N RANCH 5 Concho County
7C-059853 RIVERSIDE RANCH 44 Concho County
7C-059854 HS & N RANCH 88 Concho County
7C-059855 HS & N RANCH 49 Concho County
7C-059856 RIVERSIDE RANCH 44 Concho County
7C-065297 HS & N RANCH 49 Concho County
7C-065312 HS & N RANCH 5 Concho County
7C-07552 GARTMAN "B" Coke County
7C-07596 MALONE Coke County
7C-081003 MALONE Coke County
7C-08105 MALONE "B" Coke County
7C-08617 MALONE "D" Coke County
7C-08982 EMMONS, H. Schleicher County
7C-09062 ARLEDGE "216" Nolan County

Drilling Permits Filed by Fisher-Webb, Inc.