Forney & McCombs Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Forney & McCombs
Map of Wells Operated by Forney & McCombs
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Leases Operated by Forney & McCombs

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
02-08016 LYONS Karnes County
02-08049 LYONS Karnes County
02-117607 HOUDMANN-BUXKAMPER Live Oak County
02-157807 HINES Live Oak County
02-159803 HOUDMANN, IKE Live Oak County
02-161786 SCHMID TRUST Live Oak County
02-161787 SCHMID TRUST Live Oak County
02-162971 LYSSY, S. A. UNIT Live Oak County
03-073078 IVON LEE III Harris County
03-078464 HOFFMAN, ET AL Montgomery County
03-081921 IVON LEE III Harris County
03-101827 TINERELLA GAS UNIT Harris County
03-128711 BELL (IVON LEE) Harris County
03-140020 WEST, WESLEY Galveston County
03-140868 WEST, WESLEY Galveston County
03-20955 BELL (IVON LEE III) Harris County
03-22462 WESLEY WEST Galveston County
04-126732 TINNEY ESTATE Duval County
04-128800 TINNEY ESTATE Duval County
04-130017 TINNEY ESTATE Duval County
04-130246 TINNEY ESTATE Duval County

Drilling Permits Filed by Forney & McCombs