Fortay, Inc. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Fortay, Inc.
Map of Wells Operated by Fortay, Inc.
Contact Information
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P O BOX 670
SUNRAY, TX 79086

(806) 948-4166

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Leases Operated by Fortay, Inc.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
10-044269 AMEND ESTATE Sherman County
10-05523 ARNOT Moore County
10-06100 GEOFFREY Moore County
10-06343 BRANDI Moore County
10-06496 IRENE Moore County
10-06572 HOSS Moore County
10-07401 BURNETT Moore County
10-07534 SHARON Moore County
10-07549 JANSYN Moore County
10-07556 KADEN Moore County
10-07648 GORDON Moore County
10-07650 JULIE Moore County
10-07752 BRYANT, MALCOLM Hartley County
10-07798 BRYANT, MALCOLM Hartley County
10-07913 JO ANN Hartley County
10-07982 JO ANN Hartley County
10-08010 HARTLEY Hartley County
10-08156 LATHEM Hartley County
10-08179 LADY LUCK Hartley County
10-08180 DREAMS OF OIL Hartley County
10-08332 COVER Hartley County
10-08581 NPDF Hartley County
10-08590 SHOOT FOR THE STARS Hartley County
10-08613 K. R. STANLEY 112 Hartley County
10-08782 BIG BOY Hartley County
10-08783 ROLL OF THE DICE Hartley County
10-08786 DREAM BIG Hartley County
10-08788 DREAM BIG Hartley County
10-08834 SEEING IS BELIEVING Hartley County
10-08926 JOANN Hartley County
10-09085 DARK HORSE Hartley County
10-09121 DOUBLE DOWN Hartley County
10-09356 THUNDERING HERD Hartley County
10-09379 GREEN Hartley County
10-09687 EASY MONEY Hartley County
10-102336 BRITTNEY Sherman County
10-168301 BURNETT ESTATE "A" Moore County
10-176094 KELSEY Sherman County
10-183618 RACHEL Sherman County
10-185987 JOY Sherman County
10-205969 HILL Moore County
10-211248 SCOTT, MICHAEL Moore County
10-212868 SCOTT Moore County
10-213003 SCOTT, MICHAEL Moore County
10-213997 DOROTHY Moore County
10-223457 MITCH & MITZIE Sherman County
10-227461 CRUMP Moore County
10-228556 KELSEY Sherman County
10-238538 AMEND Sherman County
10-252667 RACHEL Sherman County
10-259656 NATIONAL PRAIRIE DAIRY FARMS 3 Hartley County

Drilling Permits Filed by Fortay, Inc.