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Leases Operated by Fortune Resources LLC

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-094155 MILLS MIN. TRUST G. U. NO. 1 Val Verde County
01-094437 MILLS MINERAL TRUST "B" Val Verde County
03-093236 BROMBERG, ET AL Houston County
03-175344 BURKHART Matagorda County
03-177130 BADOUH, E. M. HEIRS Matagorda County
03-179728 BADOUH, E. M. HEIRS Matagorda County
03-185153 LEWIS Matagorda County
03-185846 BASS GU Matagorda County
03-188124 BADOUH, E. M. HEIRS Matagorda County
03-190214 LEWIS Matagorda County
03-22945 MERCHANT C Liberty County
03-229708 BASS GU Matagorda County
03-245439 BASS GU Matagorda County
03-24679 NANTUS Matagorda County
03-249824 BASS GU Matagorda County
03-249847 LEWIS Matagorda County
03-25521 MARMION Brazoria County
03-26598 BREES UNIT Houston County
03-26630 GAMBLE Houston County
03-26646 SWIFT Leon County
03-26767 MOSLEY RANCH Houston County
03-26768 CORY Houston County
03-271146 BUCKEYE RANCH UNIT Matagorda County
03-271807 HORIZON PROPERTIES Walker County
03-273262 HORIZON PROPERTIES San Jacinto County
03-274151 STARNS Houston County
03-281509 HOP UNIT Walker County
03-281661 DOC Walker County
03-281670 BEN UNIT Walker County
03-281692 MATT DILLON STATE GU1 San Jacinto County
03-281693 CHESTER Walker County
03-281694 LITTLE JOE San Jacinto County
04-173667 BEAURLINE Hidalgo County
05-04131 PHILIP CASAVILLA Henderson County
05-04219 SILVER TUSK CORONADO UNIT A Navarro County
05-04222 SILVER TUSK CORONADO UNIT B Navarro County
05-276152 J.D. KILCREASE Navarro County
05-276153 KILCREASE-BOWLES Navarro County
05-277130 MARGIE SANDERS Navarro County
05-279352 SILVER TUSK JONES UNIT Navarro County
05-279617 HARDY-INGRAM Navarro County
06-101593 MACHEN GAS UNIT Upshur County
06-11929 GRIMSINGER Harrison County
06-12242 EATON, GRACE T. ETAL Rusk County
06-122834 EATON, GRACE Rusk County
06-13646 HOBKIRK Smith County
06-13727 HOPPER, BRADIE O. Smith County
06-13914 GRISSOM Gregg County
06-139676 WILLIAMS, T.G. ET AL Gregg County
06-139856 WILLIAMS, T.G. ET AL Gregg County
06-14705 EATON, GRACE T. ET AL Rusk County
06-14956 KILLINGSWORTH, COL. IKE Gregg County
06-15249 MARTIN Harrison County
06-157036 COLE, WILLIAM F. JR. Smith County
06-172395 HOLCOMB Cherokee County
06-174310 HANSON Shelby County
06-175202 JONES, ALVIE F. GAS UNIT #1 Cherokee County
06-175317 HUGGHINS Cherokee County
06-177093 FROST LUMBER Panola County
06-177465 TEMPLE-INLAND A Cherokee County
06-213611 SMITH, G.L. GAS UNIT Smith County
06-224653 CRAWFORD, B. W. Panola County
06-240429 HARRISON, CASH Rusk County
06-242067 ADAMS, JOHN W. Shelby County
06-248296 GRIMSINGER Harrison County
06-254632 WATKINS Shelby County
06-254963 ELLINGTON-ELLORA Shelby County
06-256672 WALKER UNIT Shelby County
06-257465 CARTER RANCH Harrison County
06-259568 PDU "PINE" Shelby County
06-261467 HINTON Shelby County
06-261566 EUBANKS UNIT Shelby County
06-261574 MARSHALL ANDERSON Shelby County
06-261584 WILLIAMS GU Gregg County
06-264500 CARTER RANCH Harrison County
06-264520 WILLIAMS GU Gregg County
06-272018 WILLIAMS Gregg County
08-138258 BURKHOLDER "A" UNIT Ward County
08-146125 U.S. NATIONAL Ward County
08-203834 MONROE UNIT Ward County

Drilling Permits Filed by Fortune Resources LLC