Fredonia Resources Inc. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Fredonia Resources Inc.
Map of Wells Operated by Fredonia Resources Inc.
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PO BOX 1788

Leases Operated by Fredonia Resources Inc.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-05663 MARTIN, J.C. (BUFFALO) La Salle County
01-067607 KRAUSE, A. L. ESTATE La Salle County
01-068801 KRAUSE, A. L. ESTATE La Salle County
01-09092 MARTIN, J.C.&D. La Salle County
01-094295 LINDHOLM McMullen County
01-095835 MCDOWELL, E. T. McMullen County
01-09739 GUTIERREZ, RAYMOND M. La Salle County
01-10237 VT OZEMA La Salle County
01-10393 VT GUTIERREZ, ROBERT La Salle County
01-10394 FANSLER, LORRAINE La Salle County
01-10418 GUTIERREZ, ROBERT La Salle County
01-108683 LINDHOLM McMullen County
01-112227 GUTIERREZ D La Salle County
01-112228 GUTIERREZ E La Salle County
01-112230 WINSLOW, O. H. La Salle County
01-112232 FOSTER, J. ESTATE La Salle County
01-112234 FOSTER, J. ESTATE La Salle County
01-142607 VT FANSLER, LORRAINE La Salle County
01-142608 VT FANSLER, LORRAINE La Salle County
01-142671 VT FANSLER, LORRAINE La Salle County
01-151682 MARTIN, ALBERT MINERAL TRUST La Salle County
01-152136 KILLAM 299 La Salle County
01-163067 CRISP La Salle County
01-163606 COOKE, C. N. TRUST La Salle County
01-165508 MARTIN "A" La Salle County
01-169694 KILLAM La Salle County
01-173818 EVANS-BUENA SUERTE La Salle County
01-176535 HIXON La Salle County
01-176727 MARTIN, ALBERT MINERAL TRUST La Salle County
02-000673 CARANCAHUA ST. TR. 257 Jackson County
03-139789 DE FRIEND, CHARLOTTE ANN Wharton County
03-14172 WILLIAMS, O'BUNION Fort Bend County
03-144330 WINTERMANN "C" Wharton County
03-145282 LEWIS "8" Matagorda County
03-149757 LEWIS Matagorda County
03-156978 MCLEOD, GILBERT-1ST CITY Jefferson County
03-161531 HARFST, G. H., JR. NO. 1 Wharton County
03-16306 TYRA, LEWIS Harris County
03-169711 TYRA, LEWIS Harris County
05-099478 WHITE, H. E. Freestone County
06-090569 BRIGGS, H. W. UNIT Panola County
06-091965 OXSHEER Panola County
06-091967 HEMBY, T. G. GAS UNIT Panola County
06-092400 WEISS ET AL Panola County
06-093715 SMITH-PRICE ET AL Panola County
06-094985 COOK, V. GAS UNIT Shelby County
06-095992 DEAN, C. W. GAS UNIT Shelby County
06-096435 SIPES Panola County
06-100699 COOK Shelby County
06-105580 WEINER, W. B. JR. ET AL Panola County
06-110755 MCAFEE, WILLIE Gregg County
06-165013 BOWEN G.U. 1 Panola County
08-21035 ARMSTRONG Andrews County
08-22953 UNIVERSITY Andrews County
08-25870 ARMSTRONG Andrews County
08-30434 REED -C- Sterling County
09-021530 HANNA, EDITH Wise County
09-03779 STEPHENS Jack County
09-11711 HANNA, EDITH Wise County
09-11905 HANNA -B- Wise County
09-17341 HANNA -B- Wise County
09-17342 HANNA, EDITH Wise County
09-17343 JENNINGS, MARTIN Wise County
09-27333 MARTIN-JENNINGS Wise County
6E-07163 REYNOLDS, J. F. Gregg County
6E-07255 SNODDY, T. Gregg County
7B-091083 HARLIN UNIT Parker County
7B-092837 WESTMORELAND Parker County
7B-093667 WESTMORELAD Parker County
7B-094253 LORD, JESSIE Stephens County
7B-096465 HOBSON Parker County
7B-106278 HOBSON Parker County
7B-106279 HOBSON Parker County
7B-107041 HOBSON Parker County
7B-107459 HOBSON Parker County
7B-115828 GOFORTH, W.H. Stephens County
7B-142471 CYPRESS, ABBEY Parker County
7B-16778 THORNBURG Nolan County
7B-23164 KING, WAYNE Coke County
7C-102579 GARNER "1" Terrell County

Drilling Permits Filed by Fredonia Resources Inc.