GBG Operating Corp. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By GBG Operating Corp.
Map of Wells Operated by GBG Operating Corp.
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Leases Operated by GBG Operating Corp.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
09-01162 POWELL, J. M. Archer County
09-01469 HALSELL, F. -B- Clay County
09-01470 HALSELL, F. -C- Clay County
09-01471 HALSELL, G. -E- Clay County
09-01473 SOUTHERLAN, J. E. Clay County
09-01476 DALE EST. Clay County
09-01477 GARRETT, CARRIE Clay County
09-01479 HALSELL, F. Clay County
09-01489 WILLIS HEIRS Clay County
09-01674 BROWNING, A. L. Clay County
09-01757 WILSON, MATTIE Clay County
09-01761 WYNN, M. A. Clay County
09-01804 WILSON, MATTIE -A- Clay County
09-01845 MAGRUDER, MARY Clay County
09-037125 MCKAY, B. F. Wise County
09-09475 HALSELL, F. -B- Clay County
09-101146 REEDY, S.E. Wise County
09-105484 REEDY, S.E. Wise County
09-12310 DICKEY, J. Wise County
09-12398 COLLIER, H. G. Wise County
09-12409 COLLIER, H. G. Wise County
09-12428 METHODIST HOME Wise County
09-12447 METHODIST HOME Wise County
09-12875 DICKEY, J. Wise County
09-12965 COLLIER, H. G. Wise County
09-13256 HODGE HEIRS Clay County
09-13983 BMKS Clay County
09-14524 BROWNING Clay County
09-14625 STINE Clay County
09-15195 HALSELL -B- Clay County
09-15600 BURK, BOLIN UNIT Young County
09-16122 BROWNING, A. L. Clay County
09-16263 HALSELL, G. -E- Clay County
09-16381 DAILY-MORRISON UNIT Young County
09-16408 CALLEN -A- UNIT Young County
09-16412 PRIDEAUX -L- Young County
09-16430 OBENHAUS, W. Wilbarger County
09-16463 OBENHAUS-SHULTZ UNIT Wilbarger County
09-16478 F-J-S /STRAWN/ UNIT Clay County
09-16588 FERGUSON -A- Young County
09-16624 FERGUSON -A- Young County
09-16821 FERGUSON -C- Young County
09-16918 SCHEER, HELEN ET AL Clay County
09-17026 FERGUSON -C- Young County
09-17446 COWAN-MCKINNEY Archer County
09-19036 HUNT, GEORGE Knox County
09-19058 HUNT, ERNEST -C- Knox County
09-19703 HUNT, ERNEST -G- Knox County
09-19815 WINKLER Clay County
09-20607 CARTWRIGHT, P. V. (WEST) Knox County
09-21039 DALE ESTATE "A" Clay County
09-21390 CHILDS "A" Clay County
09-22490 ELLIOTT, J. C. Knox County
09-22601 CAMPSEY Jack County
09-24135 KELLY UNIT Archer County
09-26015 HODGE-HEIRS Clay County
09-26073 LANGFORD - BURNS Clay County
09-28609 CALLEN Young County
09-28778 DALE ESTATE "A" Clay County
09-29529 C & M Archer County
7B-018439 TEAGUE, THOMAS Fisher County
7B-08856 SWENSON "P" Stonewall County
7B-12161 MC MEANS Stonewall County
7B-12767 BOYDSTUN, CLYDE Stonewall County
7B-13575 MCMEANS, BILL "A" Stonewall County
7B-16918 YOUNGQUIST, J.E. Jones County
7B-17469 MCCULLOUGH, J. Jones County
7B-25260 BUCKNER Haskell County
7C-05553 TREADWELL, J. M. Schleicher County
7C-05914 TREADWELL, J. M. Schleicher County
7C-05935 TREADWELL, J. M. Schleicher County

Drilling Permits Filed by GBG Operating Corp.