Geosouthern Operating II, LLC Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Geosouthern Operating II, LLC
Map of Wells Operated by Geosouthern Operating II, LLC
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(979) 836-5203

Leases Operated by Geosouthern Operating II, LLC

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
02-058083 HONEY CREEK Lavaca County
02-278880 KLM Lavaca County
02-282202 BUJNOCH-HENDERSON Lavaca County
03-146258 FRIEMEL Fayette County
03-22694 ORA NELL UNIT Fayette County
03-23894 BANKS Fayette County
03-25473 LORENZ Fayette County
03-25496 LORENZ, KAY Fayette County
03-25530 IVY Fayette County
03-25878 CHERRY UNIT II Fayette County
03-25926 CHERRY Fayette County
03-26508 FLECK Fayette County
03-26783 ZOCH Fayette County
03-26884 DICKENS Fayette County
03-27066 CERNOSEK Fayette County
03-27095 EPHRAIM Fayette County
03-27267 LOUGHNANE UNIT Fayette County
03-27271 CLETUS Jasper County
03-27277 KRISTOF Fayette County
03-27284 MARY RENE Jasper County
03-27296 OSINA Fayette County
03-27309 BREITKREUZ Fayette County
03-27315 SWAMP MONSTER Jasper County
03-27342 FREIS UNIT Fayette County
03-27362 HERBRICH Fayette County
03-27370 CHARBULA Fayette County
03-27522 ARTHUR Fayette County
03-27703 JASPER Fayette County
03-27728 MITCHELL UNIT Washington County
03-27778 FUCHS Washington County
03-281747 FOWLER Washington County
03-282327 SWAMP MONSTER Jasper County
03-283934 WINKELMANN Washington County
03-284342 SCHLABACH Fayette County
03-284636 SWAMP MONSTER Jasper County
03-284650 LEHRMANN Washington County
03-284688 KEILERS UNIT Fayette County
03-285242 KIRBY-WICKEL Washington County
03-285272 GARY-WICKEL Washington County
03-285943 MILTON-WICKEL Washington County
03-286250 PRENZLER Washington County
03-286251 MALKEY Washington County
03-286252 KORTHAUER Washington County
03-286465 LAMAR Washington County
03-286491 BOEKER UNIT Washington County
03-286541 WHITENER Washington County
03-286732 UNION HILL Washington County
03-286826 VICK Washington County
03-286936 KLAUS Washington County
03-287220 LESSARD Washington County
03-287417 BURNS CREEK Washington County
03-287598 CARTER UNIT Fayette County
03-287712 BURNS CREEK Washington County
03-287810 WILSON UNIT Fayette County
03-287869 JIMENEZ Washington County
03-288434 JASPER Fayette County
03-288637 WOLFF UNIT Fayette County
03-288648 BANKS RANCH UNIT Fayette County
03-288879 FRANCES KUNKEL UNIT Jasper County
03-289169 FRANNIE UNIT Fayette County
03-289212 HIELSCHER Washington County

Drilling Permits Filed by Geosouthern Operating II, LLC