Getty Oil Co. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Getty Oil Co.
Map of Wells Operated by Getty Oil Co.
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Leases Operated by Getty Oil Co.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
02-003273 BRADFORD GAS UNIT Bee County
02-003289 BRADFORD GAS UNIT Bee County
02-003291 DEMPSTER MILL UNIT /UO /9/9K9/9M Bee County
02-003513 TEXAS STATE TRACT 124 Calhoun County
02-003514 TEXAS STATE TRACT 139 Calhoun County
02-042091 SMITH, R. M. Bee County
02-042092 SMITH, R. M. Bee County
02-042250 POFF GAS UNIT Bee County
02-042951 NORDHEIM UNIT DeWitt County
02-04358 DIETZEL, WM. Victoria County
02-046270 SMITH, R. M. Bee County
02-04670 TAYLOR UNIT Jackson County
02-048152 NORDHEIM UNIT DeWitt County
02-04884 WELDER-CLIBURN Victoria County
03-005125 JONES, C. S. San Jacinto County
03-005235 HUDGINS, J. D. Wharton County
03-005242 COOK, G. E. Wharton County
03-005246 BORDER, WM. Wharton County
03-045545 TALCOTT, C. C. Matagorda County
03-046030 SLAUGHTER GAS UNIT Matagorda County
03-046326 LEWIS, J. W. -B- Montgomery County
03-046432 RUGELEY, HENRY Matagorda County
03-046433 KOLLMAN -A- Colorado County
03-07756 RUGELEY, HENRY Matagorda County
03-079352 TEXAS STATE TRACT 75 Chambers County
03-079357 HARRISON, L. S. GAS UNIT Matagorda County
03-08006 HARRISON, L. S. Matagorda County
03-08023 ROBERTSON, W. T. Matagorda County
03-10338 COBB, F. C. "C" Matagorda County
03-11139 LEWIS, J. W. -A- Montgomery County
03-11140 LEWIS, J.W. -B- Montgomery County
03-11150 P. G. KROHN Montgomery County
03-11229 ALBERT W. F. Colorado County
04-009344 BAILEY FIELD UNIT Nueces County
04-010588 WALKER -C- Webb County
04-010590 WALKER -C- Webb County
04-035548 SHAEFFER RANCH -A- Jim Wells County
04-03639 FREEBORN TRUSTEE Jim Wells County
04-10523 SCHNITZ, OLIVIA Aransas County
04-107074 TEXAS STATE TRACT 444 NO.1 Nueces County
04-108987 TEXAS STATE TRAC 212 Aransas County
04-119352 EL GATO Webb County
05-041967 H. B. STEWARD GAS UNIT Freestone County
06-016468 NEW HOPE DEEP UNIT Franklin County
06-029564 WERNER-BURDEN Panola County
06-029659 WERNER-FROST Panola County
06-029817 BAKER, SALLIE GAS UNIT Panola County
06-10643 NEW HOPE DEEP UNIT Franklin County
08-019826 HALLEY, S. M. Winkler County
08-019865 AUSTIN COLLEGE Pecos County
08-019953 HALLEY, S. M. Winkler County
08-049406 AUSTIN COLLEGE Pecos County
08-051799 REED, E. O. Pecos County
08-05273 BARNSLEY, M. L. Crane County
08-053091 CAMPBELL -A- Winkler County
08-060213 GULF-BAKER 83 Pecos County
08-060790 UNIVERSITY 24-18 Ward County
08-064073 UNIVERSITY 10-18 Ward County
08-06641 BIGBY-NEELY
08-06650 T. X. L. "D"
08-22776 UNIVERSITY "14" Andrews County
08-22959 UNIVERSITY Andrews County
08-23564 SCHWARTZ, S. W. "A" Glasscock County
08-23565 WILDE, E.G. Reagan County
08-23583 REYNOLDS, C. C.
10-068959 TROUT BEN UNIT Wheeler County
6E-08352 BRIGHTWELL, W. P. -B- Rusk County
6E-08356 CHRISTIAN, C.O.
7C-09824 EDWIN BOOK 940 Tom Green County
8A-020679 DOSS, M. S. Gaines County
8A-03622 WRIGHT, D. S. -L- Cochran County
8A-03623 WRIGHT, D. S. -M- Cochran County
8A-03624 WRIGHT, D. S. -N- Cochran County
8A-61078 KOONTZ, H., MRS. Yoakum County
8A-61079 KENDRICK, R.M. -B- Yoakum County
8A-61097 RHODES, T. R. Yoakum County
8A-61098 THOMAS, C. A. Yoakum County
8A-62329 KIRKPATRICK -A- Garza County

Drilling Permits Filed by Getty Oil Co.