Giebel Petroleum LTD. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Giebel Petroleum LTD.
Map of Wells Operated by Giebel Petroleum LTD.
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(432) 682-1612

Leases Operated by Giebel Petroleum LTD.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
08-081179 DULL KNIFE Winkler County
08-29018 TURNER Gaines County
08-29081 RUDY Andrews County
08-29765 TERRY Andrews County
08-30106 TURNER -A- Gaines County
08-30309 DYER Andrews County
08-30360 ADAMS -D- Andrews County
08-31063 SYKES Andrews County
08-31595 ROLLOW Martin County
08-31688 TERRY -B- Andrews County
08-32375 A. FASKEN ESTATE Gaines County
08-32810 STATE Gaines County
08-33243 COX "C" Gaines County
08-33577 ADAMS Gaines County
7C-09630 RAPE, ETHEL Tom Green County
7C-10054 SLACK Tom Green County
7C-10848 DOSS SWD Tom Green County
7C-11761 JONES Tom Green County
7C-13657 KRISTA, MARY Tom Green County
7C-16329 DOSS SWD Tom Green County
7C-163720 ALLISON Terrell County
8A-183095 BLW Gaines County
8A-62247 JONES Gaines County
8A-64064 LUMSDEN, WILMA Lynn County
8A-64374 ADAMS Gaines County
8A-64515 STATE Gaines County
8A-64552 ADAMS "B" Andrews County
8A-65000 ADAMS "A" Gaines County
8A-65057 ADAMS "C" Gaines County
8A-65111 COX Gaines County
8A-65713 ADAMS DEETOO Andrews County
8A-65920 COX "A" Andrews County
8A-66137 COX "B" Andrews County
8A-67092 COX "D" Gaines County
8A-67967 ADAMS D Andrews County
8A-67970 STATE Gaines County
8A-67971 ADAMS B Andrews County
8A-67972 COX D Gaines County
8A-67973 COX B Andrews County
8A-67974 COX A Andrews County
8A-67975 ADAMS DEETOO Andrews County
8A-67976 COX Gaines County
8A-67977 ADAMS C Gaines County
8A-67978 ADAMS A Gaines County
8A-67979 TERRY B Andrews County
8A-67980 SYKES Andrews County
8A-67981 TERRY Andrews County
8A-67982 A. FASKEN ESTATE Gaines County
8A-67983 STATE 3 Gaines County
8A-67984 COX C Gaines County
8A-67985 ADAMS 2 Gaines County
8A-67986 ADAMS Gaines County
8A-68040 DIXIE RANCH Lynn County
8A-68662 AFG UNIT Andrews County

Drilling Permits Filed by Giebel Petroleum LTD.