Goldking Prod. Co. Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Goldking Prod. Co.
Map of Wells Operated by Goldking Prod. Co.
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Leases Operated by Goldking Prod. Co.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-04481 DOERING RANCH UNIT 4-1 Frio County
01-04676 CALVERT, J. H. Frio County
01-04751 HARLAN, R. K. -A- Frio County
01-04962 CALVERT, J.H. -A- Frio County
01-05454 HARLAN, R. K. Frio County
02-04772 MO. PACIFIC RY. Jackson County
02-05103 WEST, AGNES Victoria County
02-05109 MISSOURI PACIFIC RAILROAD CO. Victoria County
02-05500 MITCHELL, J. Victoria County
02-05576 HARMON, J.E. Jackson County
02-05589 MISSOURI PACIFIC RAILROAD Victoria County
02-05623 GARRETT, JOHN F. DeWitt County
02-05815 HYNES Refugio County
02-05897 SCHOVAJSA, J.E. "C" Victoria County
02-088405 DENTON, J. T. Goliad County
02-089215 SCOTT, P., ET AL Calhoun County
02-090332 CROCKER, PATRICIA Live Oak County
02-090972 JACOB Goliad County
02-091802 WELDER Refugio County
02-091830 NELSON, E. P. Goliad County
02-091848 RODE, E. R. DeWitt County
03-007746 PIERCE STATE GAS UNIT 1 Matagorda County
03-007747 PIERCE-STATE GAS UNIT 2 Matagorda County
03-008671 UMBRELLA POINT UNIT Chambers County
03-01572 FEENEY Fort Bend County
03-01591 MCLANE, J. R. A/C 2 Colorado County
03-03142 FARMER, E. C. -A- Fort Bend County
03-035880 FEENEY UNIT Fort Bend County
03-039460 HARRISON, LENA S. Matagorda County
03-061986 DEVILLIER UNIT Chambers County
03-062258 GALAZNIK, J. GAS UNIT Brazoria County
03-062800 CARR, T. R. Brazoria County
03-063795 ROBINSON GAS UNIT Fort Bend County
03-064298 DARDEN-ROSNER Montgomery County
03-064492 GULF FEE Fort Bend County
03-064963 GULF FEE Fort Bend County
03-065161 JOHNSON, MABLE Matagorda County
03-066504 ZEMANEK Fort Bend County
03-06788 TEXAS STATE TRACT #74 Chambers County
03-067971 POOLE, W. Wharton County
03-069250 MOODY, DAN M. TR. Brazoria County
03-087760 SMITH, T. M. JR. ET AL Brazoria County
03-087854 ADRIANCE Galveston County
03-089050 ROBINSON GAS UNIT Fort Bend County
03-089888 LANIER Jasper County
03-090187 ROBINSON UNIT Fort Bend County
03-090551 SMITH TM JR, ET AL Brazoria County
03-090933 POOLE, W. Wharton County
03-096022 ROBINSON G.U. Fort Bend County
03-096161 ROBINSON G.U. Fort Bend County
03-10813 PHELAN CO. UNIT, THE Chambers County
03-109223 POOLE ,W UNIT Wharton County
03-11041 HACKSTEDT, A. Fort Bend County
03-11063 FROST, V. W. ET AL Chambers County
03-11082 ROBINSON GU Fort Bend County
03-110977 GREEN Liberty County
03-11232 CASEY, TROY E. Chambers County
03-11296 OLIVER-GERSTNER UNIT Brazoria County
03-113629 ROBINSON GAS UNIT Fort Bend County
03-15843 ELIZABETH I. FEENEY, ET AL Fort Bend County
03-15909 FRANZ, J.H. Wharton County
03-16046 MID SOUTH LUMBER & SUPPLY CO Montgomery County
03-16057 SEVERS, A. Jefferson County
03-16604 TEXAS STATE TRACT 87 Chambers County
03-17718 UMBRELLA POINT UNIT Chambers County
03-20451 GASTON Trinity County
03-20536 GRAY, W.L. Fort Bend County
03-20599 TEXAS STATE TRACT 87 Chambers County
03-21159 REYNOLDS Trinity County
04-09909 NAUMANN Nueces County
04-09977 HINZE-NAUMANN OIL UNIT Nueces County
04-104178 LAGRONE Nueces County
04-10418 MARTINEZ Starr County
04-10629 GIBSON A Nueces County
04-10639 MANLEY, ALMA Nueces County
04-10650 LAGRONE Nueces County
04-10690 GIBSON -A- Nueces County
04-10716 COATES ENERGY TRUST, ETAL Starr County
04-12360 STATE TRACT 750-A Nueces County
06-110439 LAKE CHEROKEE GAS UNIT NO. 1 Gregg County

Drilling Permits Filed by Goldking Prod. Co.