Gonzenbach, Glen D Oil Wells and Leases

Wells Operated By Gonzenbach, Glen D
Map of Wells Operated by Gonzenbach, Glen D
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Leases Operated by Gonzenbach, Glen D

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
09-034059 SCHNEIDER ESTATE Jack County
09-040745 COX, G. R. "A" Jack County
09-062792 GUNTER, IVY Jack County
09-072848 SOUTHERLAND-RAMZY Jack County
09-079298 GRACE RANCH Jack County
09-079371 RANCH FEE Jack County
09-101564 FEE Jack County
09-101698 RIDER, R. W. Jack County
09-123638 GRAND DURHAM Jack County
09-130455 GRACE, JACK Jack County
09-131268 GRACE RANCH Jack County
09-134240 BOWLIN, J. M. Wise County
09-134545 CHERRHOMES-DURHAM Jack County
09-146172 GRACE RANCH Jack County
09-147425 DENDINGER UNIT Jack County
09-148746 SCHNEIDER ESTATE Jack County
09-149074 FOWLER Jack County
09-151675 SOUTHERLAND-RAMZY Jack County
09-152306 SPRAGINS RANCH Jack County
09-153982 BERRY Jack County
09-157488 MANSFIELD Wise County
09-163881 FRANCIS Jack County
09-165446 FRANCIS "A" Jack County
09-167509 GRAND DURHAM Jack County
09-168779 FRANCIS "B" Jack County
09-169990 DENDINGER UNIT Jack County
09-170826 HANKINS UNIT Montague County
09-173223 RIDER, R. W. Jack County
09-173226 RIDER, R. W. Jack County
09-173229 RIDER, R. W. Jack County
09-178156 COX, G. R. "A" Jack County
09-185576 COZART Jack County
09-19616 HYER Archer County
09-217639 ANADARKO Wise County
09-219164 STEWARD Jack County
09-21974 NEVILLE, W. B. UNIT Clay County
09-219797 SPRAGINS RANCH Jack County
09-219799 SPRAGINS RANCH #2 Jack County
09-22815 DICKEY Clay County
09-23456 COLLIE Clay County
09-24503 PILLSBURY Clay County
09-24627 KERR, L. LYLES Clay County
09-24760 HOLT Clay County
09-25550 DAVIS Clay County
09-25899 COLLIE Clay County
09-25940 DAVIS "A" Clay County
09-26589 PRUNTY, L. G. "B" Jack County
09-27733 TAACK-LOWE Young County
09-27786 KELL-NANTZ Young County
09-27826 SANZENBACHER Clay County
09-28330 TEMPLE BATES Clay County
09-28540 WORTHINGTON, J. Jack County
09-28577 GRACE RANCH Jack County
09-28600 CROWLEY Jack County
09-28725 SPRAGINS RANCH Jack County
09-28828 BERRY Jack County
09-28865 GUNTER UNIT Jack County
09-29069 MANSFIELD Wise County
09-29159 MANSFIELD Wise County
09-29284 MANSFIELD "A" Wise County
09-29312 WORTHINGTON, ADONIS "A" Jack County
09-29448 DENDINGER UNIT Jack County
09-29505 LAIRD ESTATE "A" Montague County
09-29785 GRAND DURHAM Jack County
09-29862 BASHE Montague County
09-29979 COX, G. R. "A" Jack County
09-30297 HYER Archer County
09-30352 HAMILTON Jack County
09-30435 DAVIS, DOROTHY Archer County
09-30480 YOUNGER Wise County
09-30530 HOLT "A" Clay County
7B-084200 VIETH Parker County
7B-084798 VIETH Parker County
7B-109449 VIETH,F. "B" Parker County
7B-125374 VIETH, F. "D" Parker County
7B-129048 VIETH,F. "E" Parker County
7B-129227 VIETH, F. "A" Parker County
7B-129700 VIETH, F. "C" Parker County
7B-23370 VIETH, F. "C" Parker County
7B-26254 VIETH, F. Parker County

Drilling Permits Filed by Gonzenbach, Glen D