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Wells Operated By Grand Operating, Inc.
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Leases Operated by Grand Operating, Inc.

Lease No.
Lease Name
Current Operator
Operation Range
Oil Prod
Gas Prod
01-14369 GONZALES Atascosa County
02-11017 KELLER Bee County
02-11721 KOLINEK Karnes County
03-179179 FALLS Washington County
03-22342 NANTUCKET Brazos County
03-23758 LYONS UNIT Brazos County
04-13896 GRAND-LASATER Jim Hogg County
04-13952 GRAND-LASATER Jim Hogg County
04-14122 BAPTIST FOUNDATION Jim Wells County
06-051647 ELLIS, R. W. UNIT Shelby County
06-056608 HANSON, J. W. Shelby County
06-146043 HANSON, J.W. Shelby County
06-146497 ELLIS, R.W. UNIT Shelby County
06-150407 ELLIS, R.W. UNIT Shelby County
06-152548 HANSON, J.W. Shelby County
06-153576 HANSON, J.W. Shelby County
06-156295 HANSON, J. W. Shelby County
06-156304 HANSON, J. W. Shelby County
06-169092 TAYLOR, W.M. Shelby County
06-171512 LOWE, E.L. Shelby County
08-00868 ADDIS, FRANK V. "E" Ector County
08-00896 MARTIN, T.J. -B- Ector County
08-00933 ADDIS -A- Ector County
08-00934 ADDIS -B- Ector County
08-20584 ROOSEVELT STATE Pecos County
08-20704 ARCO FEE Pecos County
08-20808 WTU STATE Pecos County
08-20859 ARCO FEE -15- Pecos County
08-20928 ARCO A-15 Pecos County
08-21200 ROOSEVELT STATE Pecos County
08-21277 ARCO FEE -15- Pecos County
08-21304 ARCO -D- Pecos County
08-21588 ARCO -D- Pecos County
08-21851 ARCO -J- Pecos County
08-28312 GRAND CLEARFORK UNIT Pecos County
08-32153 KAYSER, EVA Ector County
09-101564 FEE Jack County
09-123638 GRAND DURHAM Jack County
09-129082 CHERRYHOMES Jack County
09-130455 GRACE, JACK Jack County
09-131268 GRACE RANCH Jack County
09-167509 GRAND DURHAM Jack County
09-195949 NEELY Montague County
09-202671 ESTES Tarrant County
09-203045 ESTES Tarrant County
09-206972 ESTES Tarrant County
09-214720 SEGER Tarrant County
09-217164 ESTES Tarrant County
09-226265 GRAND (HARDING) R. CROW UNIT Tarrant County
09-231518 GRAND (HARDING) R. PENCE Tarrant County
09-235415 LEARMONT Johnson County
09-236961 LUNDGREN Tarrant County
09-237832 CWS Tarrant County
09-239363 HAGOOD, RALL Tarrant County
09-240511 WATKINS TRUST (HARDING) Tarrant County
09-241121 CWS Tarrant County
09-241122 RALL HAGOOD UNIT Tarrant County
09-249623 RALL HAGOOD UNIT Tarrant County
09-24984 GRAND GATES #3 Jack County
09-25002 GRAND GATES Jack County
09-250407 COVERED BRIDGE Parker County
09-251831 RALL HAGOOD UNIT Tarrant County
09-25374 GRAND GATES Jack County
09-25436 GRAND-GATES 6,7 Jack County
09-257364 GENTRY UNIT Tarrant County
09-25743 GRAND-GATES, 9 Jack County
09-26082 GRAND GATES #2 Jack County
09-26095 GRAND GATES, 10 Jack County
09-26957 GRAND DURHAM Jack County
09-285141 GENTRY UNIT Tarrant County
09-30358 NEELY Montague County

Drilling Permits Filed by Grand Operating, Inc.